Borlänge is the largest city in the Dalarna province in Sweden, with a population of roughly 50,000.

Get in

The town is easy to reach. The road network is excellent and the only time to expect traffic jams is at four o'clock when most people head home from their work. There is also a railway station and an airport.

By plane

Flights to Dala Airport in Borlänge go from Stockholm, tickets can be booked online at the site of the airline Skyways. Borlänge can also be reached by air from Malmö, Gothenburg and from Oslo, the capital of Norway. Tickets online at Direktflyg. Both airline sites have booking services in English.

By train

Borlänge is an important railway hub, tickets can be bought at the website of the Swedish railway company SJ.

By bus

Bus is in general the cheapest way of reaching Borlänge from other cities. Tickets can be found at the website of Swebus Express (Available in english).

Get around

Getting around by car is easy, however the road-signs are - as in the rest of Sweden - in Swedish so a map is suggested.

The bus-network covers the entire town and the villages outside. A ride inside the towns borders costs 17 SEK for adults (over 16 years old), and 14 SEK for children.


The Ornässtugan in Borlänge





Younger people go to S2, located opposite of Stationsgatan 1, or Flamingo for dancing. If you want a pub with the real local feel you should check out Engelska. It's kind of a dive bar and populated by a diverse bunch of people. Bolanche, above Stationsgatan 1, is the place for people in the ages 25-30+ while Liljan, located in the Liljan "galleria" on the park side, is the place for the more mature. If you like rock you may want to head to The Rock House, opposite Flamingo, although it's usually kind of deserted. And as always it's easiest to ask the locals were to find these places.

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