Bolan Pass

The Bolan Pass is in Pakistan. It is one of two main routes from Afghanistan into the Indian subcontinent, along with the Khyber Pass further north. It is only open to locals and aid workers at present. The ethnic groups and dangers are similar to those in the Khyber Pass.


This was the route for a British invasion of Afghanistan during the First Anglo-Afghan War in 1839. Later, there were three Anglo-Marri wars (1840, 1880 and 1917) pitting the tribesmen of the area against the Raj.

The pass links Quetta to the central areas of Pakistan. From Quetta, Kandahar in Afghanistan is reasonably close. There are small towns in between.


The important archaeological site Mehrgarh is near the south end of the pass.

Stay safe

This area, as of mid-2012, is definitely not safe. Even with armed guards, travel is not recommended.

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