Bogotá/Chapinero-Zona G

Iglesia de Lourdes

El Chapinero-Zona G is just north of the traditional downtown of Bogotá.


North of Santa Fé, this district (essentially the southern half of El Chapinero) is a vibrant set of neighborhoods filled with university students, bohemian cafes, bars, and restaurants. Speaking of restaurants, Zona G has arguably the city's best gourmet dining scene.

Between the Calle 65 and Calle 45 you can find Chapinero Alto, one of the most "alternative" neighborhoods in the city. Named as well as "Chapigay" or "Gay Hills", this part of the city is inhabited by the larger part of the LGBT population of Bogotá, and it's considered one of the most gay/lesbian tolerant zones of the metropolis.

Between Calle 65 and Calle 71 and Carrera 7 and Carrera 3 you can find the Zona G (G for Gourmet) where you can find the most prestigious restaurants of the city covering a large range of cuisines.

Get in

Carrera 7 is the main road going through the district, and there are endless busetas running along it, north towards the Zona Rosa and Parque 93, and south towards the old downtown. Busetas are, of course, confusing animals, so the trial and error approach will be more successful when Cra 7 is written prominently on the sign. This isn't a huge part of the city, so walking is fine for getting around.



This zone has some of the finest eateries in Bogota. Within a few small blocks you will find plenty of options. The restaurants are more oriented toward fine dining more so than night club type activity. If you want elegant or romantic, this is a good choice. These are five star restaurants. By looking at the addresses below, you can tell that these restaurants are all neighbors.

Dining out in Zona G


Universidad de la Salle





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