Bogense is a city in Fyn. It is at northwest Funen at the kattegat coast. It is a historic city of 4,000 inhabitants and a history of over 700 years, now being a city based on tourism with a large marina, camping sites and close to beaches.



Bogense got its town rights in 1288. The city thrived in the next centuries, a church was built and a number of merchant's houses as well. The city suffered from a fire and Danish-Swedish wars in the 17th century. The development did not take off again until the building of a harbour and a railway station in the 19th century bringing industry to the city. The railway was closed in 1966, the industry gradually disappeared, and the small city transformed into the present day touristic city.

Get in

Bus 191 will take you from Odense in 45 minutes. There are also busses from Middelfart and Assens.

Get around

The city is manageable by foot. There are also a few city buses.

Taxis will usually have to be called, try one of these:








Internet cafes are available at the marina and the camping sites.

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