Bodensee Region

Not to be confused with Lake Constance.

The Bodensee Region is a region in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg, consisting of the coastline of Lake Constance, known as Bodensee in German, and Upper Swabia (Oberschwaben) immediately to its north.

Most known for jigsaw puzzles and board games, the Upper Swabian city of Ravensburg hides its size behind the small-town facades


Only two Landkreise in the Bodensee Region actually have access to the Bodensee - the aptly-named Bodensee-Kreis around Friedrichshafen, and Landkreis Konstanz, centred around the namesake city. The other three Landkreise in the Region - Biberach, Ravensburg and Sigmaringen - are at the core of Upper Swabia, with a gently hilly landscape and a number of medieval and baroque castles and quaint little towns and villages. Although not immediately adjacent to the lake, they share a cultural and geographic continuum with the lakeside areas and, due to the small distance, are most often visited together.

It is worth noting that the Landkreis Lindau in Bavarian Swabia also includes a small strip of the Lake Constance shoreline, with the city of Lindau being an island on the lake.

Konstanz is beautifully located on both shores of the Bodensee right where the Rhine river flows out of it


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The only airport in the region with scheduled passenger service is that of Friedrichshafen. Konstanz is one hour by train from Zurich Airport. Ravensburg, Sigmaringen and Friederichshafen can also be reached by direct train from Stuttgart. Changing at Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof allows a connection to Stuttgart Airport.

The Bavarian low-cost airport of Memmingen is also in the vicinity of the region.

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The hilltop castle in Sigmaringen is arguably one of the most picturesque in Germany

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