Boden is a town of around 28 000 inhabitants located along the Lule River in Norrbotten County, 35 kilometres north-west of Luleå.

Rodbergsfortet - Northeast


At an enrollment office in southern Sweden, during mid-20th century:
–"Can you ski?" –"Yes, sir!" –"Good, then we will deploy you at Boden."
–"Can you ski?" –"No, sir!" –"Good, then you will learn skiing in Boden."

From the introduction of military service in 1901 until its abolishment in 2010, thousands of young Swedish men were forced to endure cold, dark winter months in the forests and mountains surrounding Boden as part of their mandatory military training. This earned the town a reputation as a harsh place, where no one of their right mind would travel by free will. Now those days are gone, and Boden has become a popular tourist destination, especially among Norwegians who like to spend their summer holiday at the town camping.

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From the E4 follow road 97 towards Boden.


Remnants of Boden's long history as a military stronghold. The birthplace of Nobel prize winning writer Eyvind Johnson in Björkelund.


Skiing, swimming, hiking, fishing


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