Boca Raton

Boca Raton is a city on the east coast of Florida between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. The name is Spanish for "Mouse Mouth" (although the Chamber of Commerce tries to give less plausible alternative explanations of the meaning), which presumably comes from the shape of an inlet when the town was founded.

Boca, as it's known by locals, started growing in earnest in the 1920s, with the help of fanciful nouveau-riche architect Addison Mizner, who also helped design Palm Beach, 30 some miles north. Much of downtown was (and is being) built in "Addison Mizner-style" architecture, using distinctive bright orange and more subdued pinks in its Old Spanish theme with a touch of Venice.

Boca's long history of catering to the well-to-do has given it a snobbish reputation, but looking deeper one can find many terrific features that can be enjoyed on any budget. The city is very safe and enjoys a much higher standard of living than many of its neighbors, giving it a well manicured appearance with many amenities. Moreover, visitors can appreciate the limited nightlife and great beaches any time of year as the city consistently enjoys comfortable weather.

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Your best bet is to rent a car to get around. Boca Raton is friendly to bicycle traffic, but the public transportation serves a limited portion of the city, and overall it's not a very walkable city outside of the downtown area.

Streets are numbered in a grid with four quadrants (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast) centered on the intersection of Palmetto Park Road (which runs east-west) and Dixie Highway (running north-south). Streets run east-west while avenues run north-south. Addresses within the city generally correspond to the street numbers (The 1900 block of an avenue starts at 19th Street), but outside the city a different county-based numbering system is used which doesn't correspond to the Boca Raton street/avenue numbers (even though some of those numbered streets continue outside the city limits). To add to the confusion, some areas annexed relatively recently into the city continue to use the county numbering system instead of the city one.


Art Deco building at intersection of Palmetto Park Rd and Mizner Blvd


Birds like going to the beach, too - a yellow-crowned night heron on the beach in Boca Raton



Though Boca Raton is probably better known for its Jewish community than its Muslim community, it features the Assalam Center, a beautiful mosque inspired by the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Boca has a deserved "ritzy" reputation, but good food can be found for a variety of budgets.






Boca Raton doesn't have a very lively downtown area but interspersed throughout the city are some great bars, from local faves to upscale chains.


Boca Raton Resort, originally opened in 1926 as the Ritz-Carlton Cloister Inn

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