Boca Chica

Boca Chica is a city in Gulf of Chiriquí.

Boca Chica is located on the western Pacific shore of Panama, near the border of Costa Rica. Boca Chica is on the shore of the Gulf of Chiriquí (Golfo de Chiriquí), which is considered by savvy sport fishermen as one of the best kept secrets in big game fishing. Also in the Gulf are Coiba National Marine Park , Islas Ladrones,Islas Secas, and Islas Paridas all known for world class scuba diving and snorkeling.

It is a 90 minute drive (32 miles) from David, the capital city of Panama, and is located 18 miles south of the IntraAmerican highway, via the community of Horconcitos, in the San Lorenzo (Panama) District. There is only one road to this town and it ends at the estuary of the Pedregal River with the island of Boca Brava just across the water. This road to the fishing village used to be famously rough, especially during the rainy season, but recent improvements have made it an easier drive.

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From David’s Enrique Malek International Airport: Boca Chica is less than an hour from Enrique Malek International Airport and traveler's can get there by bus or car.

Alternatively, a five minute car ride from David to the nearby port of Pedregal will enable travelers to board a boat for the 50 minute scenic ride to the Boca Chica.

Construction has begun to expand David's airport to accommodate direct regular flights from the United States and Canada.

Get around

By foot or boat.


Boca Chica is the main jumping off point for the islands in the Gulf of Chiriquí (Golfo de Chiriquí), including Isla Boca Brava, Isla Palenque, Islas Ladrones, Islas Paridas and Islas Secas .


Boca Chica is the closest town to Parque Nacional Marino Golfo de Chiriquí and is said to be one of Panama’s best kept secrets. The fishing is incomparable near Boca Chica, with an abundance of marlin, tuna and dorado. The village is remarkable, too, for having no skyscrapers or three story buildings, and for having pristine beaches giving the locale an untouched feel unlike anything in Panama.


There are no stores of note in this tropical paradise.


Wahoo Willy's is one of two places to eat and there is a restaurant within the family-owned inn, Gone Fishing .


There is the boutique hotel Seagull Cove and the family-owned inn Gone Fishing ;both located right on the Gulf of Chiriquí in Boca Chica.

A short boat ride away, there are places to stay on nearby islands Boca Brava, Islas Paridas and Isla Palenque.

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