Boa Vista (Cape Verde)

Boa Vista is the third largest island of the Archipelago Cape Verde. Similar to the island of Sal, it is flat, and has a surface of 620 square kilometres. The Peak of Estância is the highest point of the island, measuring about 390 metres. It has large areas of white sand dunes. Oases of date palms are found here and there, and are the typical vegetation of the island. A few baobab trees can also be found in isolated locations.

Boa Vista has 55 kilometres of white sand beaches and clear water.


This island is considered to be the birth place of Morna, a main musical genre of the country.

Boa Vista went through some economic improvements in the beginning of the 17th century, when great amounts of salt were found on it. At the time, salt was already sold in the island of Maio. Before the discovery of salt, the island's economy was based on cattle breeding, just like the other arid islands of the archipelago.


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