Birobidzhan (Russian: Биробиджа́н, bee-ruh-beed-ZHAHN) is the capital of Russia's Jewish Autonomous Oblast. It borders Khabarovsk Krai to the east, Amur Oblast to the west and China to the south. Bira and Bidzhan are two parallel rivers, the former flows by the city's banks.

Get in

Birobidzhan station at dawn, with the name of the city appearing in Russian and Yiddish

Take a train, elektrichka or minibus from Khabarovsk, Russia. There is a daily bus to Komsomolsk-on-Amur (via Khabarovsk).


In spite of its name the number of Jewish inhabitants in the area is rather small. However there are a lot of traces of and new monuments to national characters. Start from the bronze figures sitting on the cart on the railway square and move ahead to Sholom Aleihem statue. You will see some more.

Birobidzhan station square

Two Synagogues and Orthodox temples are addition to the visit programme.



Vodka "Khasidkaya", "Shabbatnaya", "Rabinovich" and "Jewish happiness" are due to preserve the color and taste of the region in bottled form.


There is a number of cafes around the marketplace offering borsch, macaroni, shashlyki, but you can also take a meal on the cheap in the eatery "Strela" at the railway station.


Go next

The bus station is next to the railway station on the left (when you exit the station building) and the bus timetable will not get you waiting for ages, whether you take a private minibus or a regular public bus. Elekrichkas to Khabarovsk and Obluchye depart two times a day.

Routes through Birobidzhan

Chita Obluchye  W  E  Khabarovsk Vladivostok

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