Bihać is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Bihać municipality occupies area of 900 km2 where approximately 70,000 citizens live. Ever since the ancient times, geographic position and favorable climate conditions have been suitable for settling in this region. Although the research based upon excavations and numerous remains has been done recently, it revealed the presence of men in the Older Stone Age, Late Bronze Age, Late and Early Iron Age. Presence of the Japodes tribe in this area has certainly been proved. The Japodes culture marked Bihać by its extraordinary values and ancient inheritance. It began with the building solutions for the houses on stilts, jewelry made of bronze, iron, silver and the “Japodes horseman”. The archeological findings from many places like Bihać, Golubić, Pritoka and Ripač indicate the specific characteristics of the Illyrian culture in the Japodes area.

The Una River has defined Bihać, the city and municipality for centuries. The waterfalls in Štrbački buk and Martinbrod are widely known. A valley near the Una headwaters, and a valley near the Unac River are announced the National Park in 2008. For all that, the Una River is the favorite destination to local and foreign tourist. Many of them have been coming together here for the Una Regatta for thirty-six summers. They like to enjoy the adventures, company, cultural and other entertaining events.

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By plane

Bihac is situated only 17 km from the Croatian border, which gives a favorable geographic location, proximity to major cities in Europe. Bihac can be reached by plane, through Croatian territory, the airport in Zagreb, which is situated 170 km, about 3 hours drive by car from the town of Bihac. If you decide to come through the airport of Sarajevo, Bihac is situated 350 km, about 4 hours drive that leads through Travnik, Jajce, Mrkonjic Grad, Kljuca and in Bihac, which gives you a unique opportunity to explore areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By train

Although much slower and less reliable than busses (and car), trains are still running between major cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most of the routes are very scenic. During summer months, Bihać has daily connections from Mostar and Sarajevo via Banja Luka and connections to and from Croatia via Novi Grad.

By car

Bihac can be reached by car from all European directions, regardless if coming from West, East, North or South. If arriving from the west of Europe, all major roads to Bihac lead through Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. If arriving from the North you pass through Croatia, the East from Serbia, or the directions of Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria respectively. Coming from the South requires a trip on a ferry that goes across Italy to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Bihać is home to a beer brewery which makes the award winning Preminger.


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