Betong town

Betong (เบตง) is a city in Deep Southern Thailand, quite close to Yala.


The word betong (เบตง) is Malay, meaning bamboo. This district is at the southernmost point of Thailand, about 140 kilometres from Yala, on Highway 410. The road between Than To and Betong winds on the hillside, affording the scenery of the lake, forest, and rubber plantations. The Betong city centre is surrounded by mountains, resulting in a cool climate and high rainfall with frequent fog in the morning. It is therefore dubbed The City in the Fog with Beautiful Flowers. Betong is a large developed district. Malaysian tourists often visit the area because of its proximity. The food is outstanding and the city has a lot of tourist attractions.

Get in

From Yala, one can take the van or taxi that operates hourly from across the Yala Railway Station. From Hat Yai there is an air conditioned van to Yala and Betong. Call ☎ +66 73 230905, ☎ +66 73 233917-8. The service is at 08:00, 10:00, and 13:00.

Get around

You can get around Betong city by songthaew which is very cheap. Moreover, if you want to get a bit further from the city, you can rent a songthaew or motorbike-taxi to get you to more fantastic sight-seeing.




These are some of Betong famous souvenirs:


Betong Noodles (หมี่เบตง), the egg noodles that are very tasty. Betong Soy Sauce (ซีอิ๊วเบตง) is made from soy beans with a special method.

Tourists can also enjoy the wide variety of Betong specialties. They are: chopped Betong chicken, prepared with local chicken and ladled with Betong soy sauce; steamed Chinese carp in plum sauce - the fish is raised only in Betong and can be prepared for several dishes; khao yok (เคาหยก) is made from fatty pork roasted with taro; phak nam (ผักน้ำ) is a vegetable that grows in flowing streams found only in Betong, and is prepared for a soup or stir-fried.


Normally the local people are enjoy to drink some tea, coffee or milk with some toast or snack especially at night. Most teenagers will go to some coffee shop to socialise with friends or family and get some non-alcoholic drink. Alcoholic drinks are not popular except with some tourists, but you can find some in KTV lounges or some clubs in hotels.



Betong city information, ☎ +66 73 245616 or contact Tourism Authority of Thailand for deep southern Thailand (Narathiwat, Pattani, and Yala Provinces) ☎ +66 73 522411.

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Hat Yai: The centre of business and shopping for south Thailand.

Betong is a popular gateway to Malaysia, to Penang, Ipoh, or Kuala Lumpur.

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