Beth Shean Valley

"River of the Kibbutzim", flowing through different Kibbutzim from the Gilboa mountain to Jordan river.

The Beth Shean Valley is an area in the Jordan Valley of northern Israel.


Get in

BY BUS: To get in from most cities by bus you will probably have to go to Afula first.

From Jerusalem: 961(egged) bus from the central bus station. 41 shekel. About 2 hours.

Get around

Hitchhiking is common in this part of Israel and considered safer than in other parts of Israel. If you want to go somewhere just up the road (going to or from the kibbutzim to Beit Shean)or close by make a pointing action towards the gowned with your index finger.


National parks

Natural spring in the northern part of the valley


There are several Kibbutzim or communal villages in the Bet She'an valley. Many of them have natural springs that are relatively warm even in the winter and have nice hikes. It is also interesting just to walk around a kibbutz to see how they farm and go about there lives. The kibbutzim are private property so you might have to ask permission before you visit (depending on the kibbutz and what you want to do there).

Has a natural spring and a mini zoo.

Has a great natural spring with clean water, a diving-board and a Tarzan swing. Hold you feet very still and you can feel the tiny fish biting your toes. You might meet other people and maybe get some free food from someone making a bbq. Mostly young people with their friends or soldiers visit the natural spring.

Most of the Beth Shean Valley is situated below Sea Level and extremely hot and humid in summer. However, the valley has a lot of natural springs and flowing rivers, and it is one of the wettest regions in Israel. For that reason, Beth Shean valley is green and beautiful and many Israelis travel there to relax in the springs or during hot summer days. The valley was even nicknamed the "gateway to heaven" in Jewish sources.

Though considered by many to be an extension of the neighboring Jezreel Valley region, the Beth Shean Valley really does possess its own unique geography and character.

Valley of the Jordan river, as seen from Kohav-Ha'Yarden("Star of Jordan"), an ancient fortress near Beth Shean


For night life you'll have to look outside Beit She'an(town). Some of the non-religious Kibbutzim have bars.

Go next

Jordan is only 10 min. away by car, passing through the nearby border crossing.

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