Berry Islands

Berry Islands is in Bahamas.


A few of the main islands include Great Harbour Cay, Great Stirrup Cay, Little Stirrup Cay, Coco Cay, and many others.


Bullock Harbour, located on Great Harbour Cay, is perhaps the only permanent settlement in the Berry Islands.


Several cruise lines have their private islands located here. Norweigan Cruise Lines leases Great Stirrup Cay, Princess Cruise Lines leases Little Stirrup Cay, and Royal Caribbean leases Coco Cay. Many of the islands in which cruise lines lease are often renamed from their original name. For example Coco Cay is actually named Little Stirrup Cay. Royal Caribbean has trademarked Coco Cay for their exclusive use.

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Most tourists arrive by cruise ship to the cruise lines' private islands. There are no cruise ship docks so all passengers are taken ashore by tenders. There is a marina and an airstrip located in Bullock Harbour on Great Harbour Island. Chub Cay also includes an airstrip, and is also an entry / exit point for immigration and customs. There are however no commercial carries based on the island, so travel to and from Chub Cay is coordinated specifically for the island.

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