Khoranashat Monastery

Berd is a city in Northern Armenia. It lies at the heart of the region known as Shamshadin, and is the only town in that rather remote corner of Armenia. This area is part of the same geographic zone as much of Karabakh, and the rolling green hills of forest and pasture, studded with monasteries much resembles that land, as do the hospitable, proud people.

Get in

Public transportation comes in through Ijevan, which is where you'll want to go if you're trying to catch a minibus or taxi. Otherwise from Yerevan you can head there via Ijevan, and then choose the good, longer road, or the bad shorter one. You can also get there via an beautiful stretch of mountain starting in the valley where Chambarak lies, if you have your own car, or bike.

Get around

Berd is relatively small, but mountainous. Walking around can be fun, but the edges of town might require a car/taxi.


There isn't much to see in the town itself, except for the small fort of Tavush high above the town, but in the rolling hills, there is some incredible scenery and monuments that few tourists have ever made it to.


The entire region is a hikers' and bikers' paradise. Camping works anywhere, locals are extremely friendly, and things are quite cheap.


This is one of the home brew mulberry (and other fruit) vodka capitals of Armenia. You should be able to find some for sale at the Shuka in Berd (or Ijevan), but strangely not usually at places that serve alcohol. Don't leave without trying it, but brace yourself for some seriously strong spirits!


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