Bengkulu is the capital of Bengkulu province on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. With a population of 340,000 (2007), the city is the capital and largest city of Bengkulu province. It was occupied by the British as their main source of pepper for almost two hundred years, before being exchanged for Malacca in 1824. The city is now very sleepy and the locals are quite friendly to strangers.

Get in

By plane

There is no direct international flight to Bengkulu; you have to take a flight to Jakarta and then take another flight to Bengkulu. There are daily direct flights (6 times a day) from Jakarta only.

By car

Driving from Jakarta will take about 20 hours with magnificent views along the way, but since the road conditions are not very good and considering you will have to drive through jungle with hilly and winding roads, it will be too risky for inexperienced drivers.

By bus

You can catch regular buses from Medan, Padang or Jakarta.

If you want to go there by bus from Jakarta, there are two common routes :

There are also several van travel that ply the route between Padang and Bukit Tinggi toward Bengkulu City and the journey take around 19 or 20 hrs(220,000 Rp). Many drivers tend to use long journey via Muara Bungo and Sarolangun rather than using the coast road (Muko-Muko and Painan) 'absolutely with better view and scenery'. So better ask the travel counter before handling with any purchase or else it will be a tiresome journey afterall.

Get around

The easiest way to get around in Bengkulu is using angkot (mini-bus) or ojek. Angkot costs Rp2.000 per trip, regardless the distance.


There are a lot of historical buildings to be seen:



You can do many activities, such as surfing, trekking and diving. Try Enggano Island exploration.

See beautiful Pantai Panjang beach day and night, one of the beautiful natural beaches of Sumatra.


You can buy anything of style and beauty at Lefthand Clothing and Distro, a local clothing store with prices ranging from Rp10,000 to Rp120,000. Jalan S Parman No 210, beside BCA Bengkulu.

Bengkulu Indah Mall (BIM) Souvenirs and T-Shirts decoration stated with Bengkulu province are sell here..tourist can find various of Bengkulu province T-shirt based on Calendar theme program in Bengkulu at reasonable price.



Kelapa muda water, a tropical coconut water, is a nice treat.


Many losmens and hotels can be found in the city of Bengkuku :

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