Bendery fortress

Bendery (Russian: Бендеры; Moldovan: Bender or Tighina) is a city in the unrecognized republic of Transnistria, on the west or right bank of the Dniestr River.

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The prettier of the two stations, Bender 1 sees far less traffic than Bender 2

Frequent buses and marshrutkas stop here en route from Chisinau, Causeni and Tiraspol. The trolley bus from Tiraspol costs 1.6 rubles, tickets are sold by the conductor. Trains run from Bender 2 station to Chisinau, Odessa and even Moscow.

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You can explore the city easily on foot.


There is a nice old fortification overlooking the river, which unfortunately is still used by the army and can not be visited. The town is pleasant to walk through. You'll notice a fortified Russian checkpoint on the bridge leading across the Dniestr - these are the local peacekeeping forces. Nearby is a monument to "independence" conflict. The bus terminal is a nice example of Soviet bus terminal design - check out the mosaics!

In the nearby village of Varnita there is a monument in memory of the skirmishes (famous in Swedish history as kalabaliken) during which Charles XII, king of Sweden, was caught prisoner by Turkish forces (1713), after having been in the city as a refugee following the battle of Poltava.


There's a nice Uzbek restaurant nearby the bus terminal. The owner also speaks some English. If you are looking for a western style food place then you can visit Andy's Pizza which is located right in the middle of Bendery one block away from Supermarket Sheriff.


The local wine represents good value. The quality is higher than the price suggests, it's well worth trying.

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