Benalmádena is a large town on the Spanish Costa del Sol. It consists of three parts; Benalmádena Pueblo, Arroyo de la Miel and Benalmádena Costa. The most worth visiting of these is Benalmádena Costa with its long stretch of sunny beaches, a lively nightlife and excellent cuisine.

It is located approximately 15 km south west of Malaga and merges with Torremolinos lies just north east of it along the coast.


The Benalmadena coast (Spanish: Benalmàdena Costa) is the southernmost portion of Benalmádena, this is the strip along the Mediterranean Sea. There are many hotels, bars, and of course beaches, and the Puerto Marina is here. The Puerto Marina is an open-air shopping mall, marina, and on-the-water (literally) condominium complex. Don't expect to find many people here when there's daylight, but after 22.00 the crowds appear. Next door to the shopping portion which surrounds the harbor, there is a complex containing Benalmádena's nightclubs. Arroyo de la Miel is the central section of the municipality. It is the home to many Britons, and its main street is lined with British pubs. English speakers will be at home here, but you will also have ample opportunity to practice your Castillian, or even more specifically, your Andaluz.

Get in

By plane

The closest airport is Malaga airport AGP, which is along the coast, just a few minutes by train or car. You can get a taxi from outside terminal 2 where there is a taxi rank. A taxi from Malaga Airport to benalmadena town centre is around €29

By train

Benalmadena can be reached by the frequent, inexpensive, and comfortable air conditioned trains which run along the coast from Malaga to Fuengirola, with a station at Malaga Airport. The station at Benalmadena is in Arroyo de la Miel, with taxis and buses to take you to all parts of the town.

By bus

Benalmadena is integrated in Malaga Metropolitan Transport Consortium. The following bus routes:

Route Service Timetable Map
M-110Málaga-Benalmádena CostaTimetableMap
M-115Málaga-Benalmádena Costa (Directo)TimetableMap
M-116Benalmádena-Teatinos (October-June)TimetableMap
M-123Churriana-Torremolinos-Benalmádena CostaTimetableMap

Get around

There is a local bus service, the Orange buses, which costs €1.1 per person per journey operating within the town limits. It runs up to Benalmadena Pueblo via Arroyo de la Miel starting from both ends of the coastal road. Times are posted on the Orange Bus Stops. The Portillo buses, green and cream, run along to coast from Malaga right down to Estapona and from Benalmadena to Malaga or Fuengirola costs €1.2 per person. Taxis cost €5.5 per trip within the town limits during the week and 8 on Sundays; they can take up to 4 people. This place is hilly with several roads having the Cardiac Hill nickname so buses and taxis can be a valuable health aid.





The Harpenny Bridge is a great bar to watch football. As you guessed, it is an Irish pub and they do amazing variety of whiskeys and spirits. They also are one of the only bars around allowed to sell black vodka.

Also Monkey Business, (in front of Hotel Riviera). A great place for drinks and fun. The food is great and bar staff are Irish so there's always great craic.

Stay safe

Go next

Tours are available from almost everywhere in Benalmádena and lots go to Malaga, Marbella, Ronda, Estepona, Algeciras, Cadiz, Sevilla and Gibraltar (UK).

Be aware that if you decide to go to Gibraltar, you will need a passport or ID to get in. Some countries may require visas, although uncommon.

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