House in Belterra

Belterra is a small city in Pará.


Belterra was created by the Ford Motor Company after their campaign to grow rubber in Fordlândia failed.

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Buses leave Santarém for Belterra several times a day. From Av. São Sebastião between Av. Barão do Rio Branco and Tv. Silvino Pinto.


The main attraction in Belterra are the houses left behind by the car company. They are American style houses from that time period and are mostly in good condition. Most of the houses are located on the main street, heading from the main square towards the river.


Pousada Juvência offers single rooms for R$30 including breakfast.


There is a Bradesco ATM in town near the main square.

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You can catch a bus from Belterra to FLONA Tapajós

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