Central Beira

Beira is a port town in Mozambique.


Beira is the second largest city in Mozambique and capital of the Sofala Province. During the 1950s and 60s, before the independence of Mozambique, Beira was a playground for white and rich Rhodesians as then-ruler Portugal did not a UN embargo against Rhodesia. Still an important port city, few tourists find their way here today. Those who do will discover a beautiful, but crumbling, city by the sea with great food and hospitality.

Get in

By plane

Beira International Airport (IATA: BEW) is about 10 km out of the town, and can be easily reached by bus and taxi. The national carrier LAM has flights from Johannesburg, Harare and from the capital Maputo, as well as other regional cities in Mozambique. South African Airways also offers flights from Johannesburg. Malawi airlines has flights to Lilongwe.

The airport has a shop, bar, restaurant and post office.

By train

The railway station, a prime example modernist architecture, tells tales of a bygone era when Beira was a major terminus for long-distance trains from then Rhodesia. After being completely halted due to the long civil war limited rail traffic have now resumed. There are daily commuter trains from nearby Dondo and a long-distance service on Thursdays from Moatize, just outside Tete which is the largest city of inland north-western Mozambique.

By road

The main road between Zimbabwe and Beira is in good condition, but with some deep pot holes. The Zimbabwe economy relies heavily on this route and it carries many trucks and buses, mostly overloaded. Road travel is best done by daylight as many pedestrians and animals are hard to see after dusk. Minibuses to Chimoio take 3 hours and cost Mtc200. there is direct buses to Vilankulo Mtc550 which takes 7 hours.

Get around

Minibuses, so called chapas, are easily available for local transport and for connections to neighboring cities like Chimoio.



Mercado Central(The central market) offers some craftworks, spices, fish and fruits.




Stay safe

Don't walk in the Baixa area at night alone. If you walk around during day time just keep your precious stuff at the hotel. Don't walk around with a fat wallet or your expensive cellphone. Most crime is on a "give me your phone and/or wallet because I have a big knife" basis. If driving at night just keep doors locked and windows almost closed to avoid issues. Friday, Saturday and Sunday night people party and can get very drunk, if you run over someone as a foreigner it's gonna cause you a big headache so drive slowly. Kids also run across the road often without looking out for cars. Avoid driving at night.

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