Beemster is in North-Holland.



Since 1999, De Beemster is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The UNESCO describes it as “a masterpiece of creative planning, in which the ideals of antiquity and the Renaissance were applied to the design of a reclaimed landscape.” Between the two lake-floor polders are remnants of the older marsh landscape. Polder Mijzen (just north of Schermerhorn) is a remnant of the peat bogs which once covered the region, traditionally used as grassland. It is designated as a provincial geological monument.

The annual "Beemsterfeest week", a week in which all sorts of activities will be held.

This can be the "Beemstercross", which is a combination of rally and demolition derby on a slippery muddy parcour. If you sit front row you're guaranteed to go home covered in mud.

Another activity that will be held is the fair, where locals come to every night of the week to drink some beers and talk.


The Beemster is home to several B&B's and some hotels, you can choose to sleep in the countryside or in the city. Many choose to sleep in the counrtyside because it offers a spectaculair view waking up and it's a great place to start your tour through the Beemster.

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