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Bečići is a coastal tourist resort in Montenegro. Bečići is a tourist complex set behind the renowned Bečići Beach, near the historic town of Budva on Montenegro's Adriatic coast. It's a laid back location and the beautiful sandy beach and general amenities make it ideal for families. A centre for bathing and relaxation, it offers a wide range of water sports and other sporting facilities. Bečići beach won the "Grand Prix" in Paris in 1935 as the most beautiful beach in Europe.


Modern, tourist-focussed Bečići is perfectly complemented by the charms of the old walled town of Budva, with its selection of cafes, restaurants and shops, which is just over a mile away along the coastal promenade, or, if you prefer, by a small train. Founded in the ninth century and destroyed and rebuilt several times, Budva is believed to be one of the oldest settlements in the Balkans. There was a Hellenic colony here as far back as the 4th century BC. The fifteenth century fortifications, protruding into the sea, include medieval ramparts and towers. Elsewhere, the architecture shows Venetian influences. The old town was built on a little island, connected to the mainland by a sandbar, which, over the centuries, has silted up to become a peninsula. The white stone walls and red-tile roofs are interspersed with bougainvillea and oleander. Walking out of Bečići in the other direction, you reach the old fishing village of Rafailovići, with its pleasant cafes and restaurants.

Get in

By plane

Tivat airport is 20 km away. During summer, there are daily flights to many European destinations. Throughout the year there are flights from Tivat to Belgrade and Zurich. There are minibuses from airport to Budva.

Podgorica airport is 65 km away, and has flights throughout the year to Belgrade, Budapest, Zurich, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Paris, Rome and Vienna.

Dubrovnik airport is 70 km away from Budva, and maintains flights to many European destinations during the summer.

By bus

Bečići is very well connected with the neighboring countries by bus. During the summer, more seasonal lines are introduced. Buses are quite frequent and on schedule. Note that the Budva bus station might be tricky to find if you are first time in town.

By car

Almost all roads in Montenegro are two-laned only, and mostly are curvy mountainous roads, so speeds over 70 km/h (43 mph) are rarely legal, and rarely safe.

Get around

Some of the most beautiful Adriatic beaches are located in the vicinity of Bečići, like Miločer, Pržno, Kamenovo...




Old town in Budva is packed with boutiques, but beware of counterfeited variants of world famous brands.

Main Bečići promenade has a long string of stands with very cheap clothing, sunglasses, souvenirs, etc.


Along the entire promenade there are many fast food places, offering barbecue, giros, pancakes, slices of pizza, ice cream...with affordable prices.


Bečići is full of cafes, bars and nightclubs. During the season it is hard to find a place to seat, as cafes and bars are crowded all the time.

Espresso will cost from €0.70 to €1.50. Coke and other soft drinks and juices will cost from €1.50 up to €3.50.

You should also try out famous Montenegrin wines, "Vranac", "Pro Corde", "Krstac", "Cabernet", "Chardonnay" and "Nikšićko" beer. Montenegrin brandy, called "rakija" is good choice to "warm up" before going out in the evening, especially grape brandy "Montenegrin loza", "Prvijenac" or "Kruna".


Hotel Splendid

There is variety of bars and clubs to go out in Budva, just 1 mile from Bečići. Usually the night begins at large open bars located at the promenade - "Trocadero", "Miami", "Renaissance" and "Rafaello". They are allowed to play music until 01AM, when the crowds move to some of the nightclubs. Arguably the best nightclub in Budva is newly built closed "Trocadero", which has prices slightly higher than other nightclubs. There are also two remote nightclubs, "Maine" and "Torine", the latter being in Bečići, but those are often too crowded and insist on folk music.


Accommodation in Bečići is abundant, and varies from renting a room for €10 to handsomely priced five-star hotels.



There are dozens of other mid-range hotels throughout Bečići...


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