Bayi (八一; also known as Bayizhen (八一镇, "Bayi Town")) is the capital city of Nyingchi Prefecture in southwestern Tibet.

Get in

Bayi can be accessed via public and private transportation from Lhasa's public bus station. Large buses will make the trip in nine hours for around ¥80, whereas private cars will do the trip in six hours for around ¥150. Both buses and cars do not run on a set schedule, but rather leave when full. Technically, an Alien Travel Permit is required to visit the region, but there are no checkpoints on Highway 319 to Bayi or in Bayi itself.

Get around

Taxis will take one around the city for a flat ¥10, to the World Cypress King Park for ¥20, and to the Yalung Zangbo Canyon for ¥300 roundtrip.


There are three main sightseeing attractions in Bayi and surrounding regions:


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