View from the bridge "Friedensbrücke"

Bautzen (Sorbian: Budyšin) is an old city in Saxony, Germany. It is a well preserved medieval city and the cultural center of the Sorbian community in Germany.

Get in

By train

The main station is within walking distance of the city centre and easily accessible by bus or car. Regular trains leave for Dresden and Görlitz.

By car

Bautzen can be reached without problems by car from the rest of Germany. It is connected with the German highway system. The best way to get there is from Dresden.

Get around

The best way of getting around is on foot. The city center is compact. You can also easily use a bus or bicycle. If you got in by car, it is best to park it outside the city wall and walk.


Dinosaur-Park Kleinwelka

Above all Bautzen is renowned for its historical town centre with its skyline of medieval towers.

Some examples:

Bautzen is the most important cultural center of the Sorbs, who make up 10% of the city population. You will find many places of Sorbian culture importance in the city. As a result the city uses bi-lingual signs with street names both in German and Sorbian.

Kleinwelka is a subdivision of the city of Bautzen. There is the largest maze of Germany and a large Dinosaur-park.



Sorbian Easter eggs

Bautzen is often called the "Easter-capital". Sorbian and German customs, including famous processions during Easter, meet with a great deal of interest.

Easter events:

Other events:



Sorbian and traditional German-Lusatian cuisine.


Bautzen beer is only obtainable in only a few places in the city, but it's worth trying.


There is a hostel in this old bastion

The Youth Hostel is in an old bastion. There are also some rooms of a hotel in another bastion. There are many other places to stay in Bautzen.




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