Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana, USA. Located on the east bank of the mighty Mississippi River, Baton Rouge is Louisiana's second largest city, home of Louisiana State University, major port facilities, and a variety of attractions.


The name of Louisiana's oldest city was given over 300 years ago when on 17 March 1699, Pierre Le Moyne, Sieur d'Iberville, led an expedition along the Mississippi River. The early French explorers found a pole stained with blood of fish and animals that served as the dividing line between the Bayougoula and Houmas Indians. It is from this "red stick" that Iberville christened our city "le Baton Rouge", French for "red stick".

State Capitol Building

The small town here was selected as the new capital of state of Louisiana in 1817, and it's been growing since. The capital was returned to New Orleans for a while during and after the troubles of the American Civil War, but it's been back here since 1882.


Baton Rouge has a semi-tropical climate, perfect for outdoor activities.

The weather is consistently warm from May to September. Be warned that, like the rest of the Southern United States during the summer, it can become down-right miserable, with sustained temperatures in the 90s (°F) with 100% humidity. Proper medical precautions should be taken if planning on partaking in outdoor activities, such as ample amounts of sunscreen and hydration. Also, there are many days throughout July that are classified as "ozone days," which are days on which the level of ground-level ozone is severe, causing health problems in sensitive individuals. This should be put into consideration before planning outdoor activities throughout the summer months.

Winter is usually mild and short-lived. Spring is glorious with cool nights and warm, sunny days. A light jacket is all that is needed. Fall is mild and only a light sweater is needed in the evenings.

Precipitation is reasonably well-distributed and ample throughout the year with an average annual precipitation of 55 in (140 cm)

Baton Rouge, like many cities in the Gulf States, has what is known as 5 seasons. The 5th season, being hurricane season. The time of year between June 1 and November 30 when hurricane are most likely to form.

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By plane

  Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (IATA: BTR), located in north Baton Rouge, near Southern University. American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines offer non-stop service to their respective hubs in the Southern United States.

By train

While there is no train station in Baton Rouge, connecting bus service can be booked with a train connecting in New Orleans or Hammond. .

LSU Old Law Building

By car

From New Orleans, Baton Rouge is an 80-mi (129 km) northwest drive on I-10, which drives into the heart of downtown. The distance between the two Louisiana cities is an easy 90-min drive if you avoid weekday rush hours; if you catch the traffic of commuter rush hours at either end it can take a lot longer.

If you're driving in from anywhere east of Louisiana, come into Baton Rouge via I-12, which will take you north of Lake Ponchartrain and bypasses New Orleans. From the west, I-10 connects Lafayette, Houston, and Los Angeles with Baton Rouge. From the east, I-10 connects Baton Rouge with Mobile, Pensacola, and Jacksonville. If you're coming from Chicago, St. Louis, or Memphis follow I-55 South and merge onto I-12 West and continue driving for roughly 45 mi (72 km).

By bus



Mall of Louisiana




The Baton Rouge Metro Council recently outlawed many drink specials in establishments classified as bars, so if you're looking to save a buck, you should stick with drinking in restaurants. However, if you're looking for that bar atmosphere, there are several places to choose from. Baton Rouge's blue laws were repealed in October 2007, but restrictions on drink specials are still in effect.


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