Batman (pronounced as baat-maan, not like the name of the superhero; Kurdish: Iluh) is a city in south-eastern Turkey. It is the capital of an important oil producing province.


A village of a couple of hundred people in 1950s when petroleum was discovered in the surrounding mountains, Batman has grown ever since, having a population of several hundred thousands today. Large numbers of immigrants from surrounding region also contributed to quick urbanization, usually with no respect to building codes. Therefore, most of the city is slums surrounding a plaza by the railway station in the downtown and an oil refinery south of the station.

City's name, entirely unrelated to the one of superhero, is a shortened form of Batı Raman, i.e. "Western Raman (Mountains)" where petroleum was first found in the vicinity and in fact younger than the superhero himself, since the former village of Iluh was only renamed in 1950s (vs. 1939 when superhero first appeared).

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There is an ATM (of Halkbank) located on the side of the small square near the train station.

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