Bathurst (New Brunswick)

Bathurst is a city on the Acadian Coast of New Brunswick, Canada.

Get in

By plane

The Bathurst Regional Airport is about 10 minutes west of Bathurst on Highway 180 and has air service with Air Canada. There are car rentals at the airport, and there is taxi service into town. International flights fly into Moncton, and one can either travel to Bathurst with a rental car, or take the train to Bathurst (see below).

By train

There is a Via Rail station just off of Riverside Drive in Bathurst. Via Rail's Atlantic train The Ocean stops in Bathurst twice a day, six days a week: in the morning having departed from Montreal, and in the evening having departed from Halifax. The train does not go through on Tuesdays.

By bus

The Acadian Bus Line (SMT) travels between several locations in the maritimes and eastern Quebec, and has daily service in Bathurst. The station is located downtown.

From Quebec

The most popular route is Highway 132 East through Matapedia, down to, NB, and then to Bathurst on Highway 11 South. Recently, more people have been travelling down the Trans-Canada from Riviere-du-Loup, down to St-Leonard, NB, up to St-Quentin on Highway 17 North, and over to Bathurst on Highway 180 East. This route travels directly through the Appalachian mountains, and is quite an experience for the adventurous traveller.

From the US

The fastest way to Bathurst is most likely across I-95 to Woodstock, NB, and up the Trans-Canada 2 West to St-Leonard, over to St-Quentin on Highway 17 North, and across to Bathurst on Highway 180 East. However, this route has few amenities between St-Leonard and Bathurst, with the exception of St-Quentin. A less-isolated route would be taking the Trans-Canada 2 East from Woodstock to Fredericton, then taking Highway 8 North to Bathurst.

From Nova Scotia/PEI

From Nova Scotia, take Highway 104 across to Sackville, NB and continue to Moncton on Highway 2 West. Then take Highway 15 East to Shediac. From Shediac, take Highway 11 North to Bathurst.

From Prince Edward Island, cross the Confederation Bridge and continue to the 15/16 traffic circle. At the traffic circle, go on Highway 15 West to Shediac. From Shediac, take Highway 11 North to Bathurst.

Get around

Bathurst is a lovely, picturesque city, and simply driving around, from the Basin to the Marina is a pleasant experience. Some recommended scenic routes are along Queen Elizabeth Way, by the coastal cottages and houses, and Basin Street/Riverside Drive, around the Bathurst Basin. To get across town, there are several bus routes one can take. A single pass is $3, but there are savings with buying more passes at once. For a truly breathtaking outing, there are a variety of tours one can take on the water. Bathurst Harbour and up the Nepisiguit River are just a couple of places the tours can go. For biking, jogging, or walking, the New Brunswick Trail can be found all over Bathurst and is a good way of getting around.


There are all sorts of remarkable sites to see in Bathurst. The ocean is of course, the most predominant of all sites. Youghall Beach is the most popular, and is located at the end of Youghall Drive. There, one can have a fantastic view of the ocean, and can even see the Gaspe Peninsula a little to the right. When the tide is low, the sandbars surface, and people can walk for miles down the beach on them.

Daly Point Wildlife Reserve, southeast of Bathurst, is a fantastic place to see all sorts of wildlife, especially birds. Its extensive trail and boardwalk tour you around the marsh and woods near the water.

Tetagouche Falls can be found 20 minutes west of Bathurst on Highway 180 and are a magnificent sight. In addition to the falls, there are some ruins in the river just below the falls that may be of some interest.


There are many things to do in Bathurst, New Brunswick, be it going to the KC Irving Regional Center to watch a hockey game, or the carnival that comes every summer. Visitors can visit the beautiful Coronation Park beside the local Bathurst High School, or visit Frostbites for delicious ice cream and amazing service!


Bathurst has two malls: The Superstore Mall, and the Place Bathurst Mall (both on St. Peter's Avenue). The Place Bathurst Mall is the only one that is still kicking, although the new grocery store in the Superstore Mall has somewhat rejuvenated it. There is also a good bookstore in the Superstore Mall. There are some lovely boutiques in downtown Bathurst, and of course, the usual tourist gift shops. For someone from outside of Canada, there is a Tim Horton's on practically every corner, so it's impossible to avoid the place.



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