Water sport

Water sport is, in its broadest sense, all kinds of recreation in, or on, a body of water, typically at a beach.

In some countries the shoreline is regarded as public, even when landowners normally can restrict entry to their lands. In the Nordic countries, the right of access generally gives access to the shore, except by people's homes and cottages. But there are also countries where swimming is restricted to organized beaches.

Water sport

Ceremonial bathing

Bathing has a role in several religions. Hinduism encourages bathing in the Ganges, at Varanasi and other sites. Christians are initiated by baptism, at occasion done in open water.


There are several precautions for everyone approaching open water, whether for a casual dip, or a long-distance swim.

Stay safe

Sign near a river in Uji, probably warning for dangerous waves

Depending on the area, there may be several dangers involved in swimming, such as tides, streams, wildlife and seabed features, some not obvious. Unless at an organized beach, you should seek local advice.

Stay healthy

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