Basel and Aargau

Basel and Aargau are regions in Switzerland.


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Aerial view of Goetheanum

Dornach - Goetheanum - Center of Antroposphische Gesellschaft by Rudolf Steiner

Augusta Raurica - an Ancient Roman town - Museum and Archeological Site.


Baseldytsch, an German dialect, is the main language of this region. German is the official language, though, and nearly everyone speaks it.

Because the border to France is only a few kilometers away, most people also understand French. It is also no problem to find somebody that understands English.

Get in

Using the Public Transportation is very convenient in Basel and Switzerland. You can use the train, bus, and tram to get around.

Railwaystation SBB Basel - SBB - Swiss Railway & French Railway -

Railwaystation "Badischer Bahnhof" - DB - German Railway

Public Transport Basel BVB - Basel Public Service - Tickets at all busstops -

  BVB - Savings and Special TiketTriRegio for Buses and Tram in Switzerland/France/Germany


Zoo Somewhat dated zoo undergoing renovations currently. You will see all the standard zoo fare, plus a fairly extensive terrarium and gardens. There are two eating establishments in the park offering a wide range of cafeteria style and premade foods, ice cream, and so on. From the main Basel train station, follow the footpath signs for a less than ten minute walk to the zoo.

Munster Cathedral overlooking the Rhine. Free admission, wonderful views of Basel, beautiful old church. From the Munster Platz outside, go down the stairs to the river, where you can take a ferry across the Rhine for only chf 3.20.

Ferry - Crossing the Rhine in a traditional way

Tripoint Basel - Border of Switzerland/France/Germany

Tripoint Basel (ws)

Fondation Beyeler - International Art Gallery


Traditional and international food. From "Simple Foodcorner" and fast food to world-class "Haute Cuisine".

Eating out is quite expensive even for Swiss people - Spaghetti or Pizza start at about 20 CHF in a Restaurant, Coffee or 0,3l beer is 4 - 5 CHF!

But you can buy "cheaper" food and drinks in small and big food stores all over, even in the city center.


There are a lot of nice restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs in the city center and in Kleinbasel. Some very unique. Multicultural and international. Some very old and traditional.

Drinking alcohol in public is not prohibited in Switzerland - so in summer every evening there is a big crowd of people sitting peacefully along the river Rhine, having BBQ, music and drinks. Very special!

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aprpox. 10km Gempen - Gempenplateau - Gempenturm - Most wonderful natural spot to overview Basel, Black Forest, Vogesen and sometiemes see the Swiss Alps.

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