Barnaul (Russian: Барнау́л buhr-nuh-OOL) is the capital of Altai Krai.


The Building with spire, one of the city's landmarks

The city was founded in the XVIII century as a center of silver and copper mining, and has a population of over 600,000.


The house of merchants Yakovlev and Polyakov

The foundation year of the city is unknown and is either 1730 or 1739. The name of founding father is Akinfey Demidov, a Russian mine-owner who started copper extraction and melting in the region. Later on his business spread to the gold and silver and the family reached all-Russian scale. The city became a fort and built a dam. This activity was major for centuries to come. Except that, nature and geography explorers never abandoned this Siberian place. Pyotr Petrovich Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky and Alexander von Humboldt lead their expeditions across the city.

Get in

By train

Barnaul Railway Station

The travel from Moscow takes 2.5 days and covers 3500 km.

By plane

German Titov airport is located 17 km west from the city center and serves flights from Krasnodar, Moscow, Irkutsk, Anapa, Rostov-on-Don, Vladivostok, Saint Petersburg.

Get around

Inside the city there are routes of public buses (about 150), marshrutkas, taxis, trams (11) and trolleys (5). The thoroughfares interconnecting Barnaul with other cities, towns and suburbs are Pavlovsky Highway (Павловский тракт) leading to Novosibirsk, Zmeinogorsky Highway (Змеиногорский тракт) leading to Kazakhstan, Pravoberezhny Highway (Правобережный тракт) to Novosibirsk and Biysk.

The river port may be useful in getting to suburbs or closest villages like Bobrovka that offers country tourism activities.



Zero kilometer





Locally brewed beer: Ворсин (Vorsin), Golfsteiner, Барнаульское (Barnaulskoye), Чешское (Cheshskoye), Жигулёвское (Zhigulyovskoye) .




Start walking along Sotstialistichesky Prospekt and pay attention to the Drama Theater and further on to the Pedagogical Academy, in a small square of which there is a monument to Unhappy Lover waiting on the bench. When arriving to the Victory square (Ploschad Pobedy) find the sculpture Movie is filmed. Go on to Stroiteley Prospekt. Here at the Library sits a bronze cat. Going ahead you'll come to the October sq. (Ploschad Oktyabrya), the site for the Building with spire. Turn to Prospekt Lenina ascending to the River Port with a number of nice houses alongside. The port plaza musters monuments to renown citizens and white Hollywood-styled letters on the bank.

Go next

The road to Mongolia aka Chuysky Highway starts from Novosibirsk and goes south to Biysk and Altai Republic.

Routes through Barnaul

Omsk Novosibirsk  W  E  Biysk Novokuznetsk

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