Bareilly railways station main entrance

Bareilly is a city in Uttar Pradesh in India.


Home to some 1 million people, Bareilly ranks seventh-largest metropolis in Uttar Pradesh. It is a crowded, hectic city where pedestrians compete with cars and rickshaws on what are quite narrow and congested streets.

Bareilly lies in the upper Ganges plain, roughly 70 km north of the river and within sight of the outer foothills of the Central Himalaya. It is an important railway and transportation hub, about half-way between Delhi and Lucknow, well connected to most of the major cities in India by rail, and the western part of Nepal by road.

According to tradition the city was founded in 1537 by two brothers, Bans Deo and Barel Deo. They built a fort and named it Jagatpur, after their father, at that time the governor of the region. The term is still used to refer to a neighborhood which is now part of the old city. A small town developed around the fort. During the Moghul period Mirzai Mashid and Jama Mashid were built along with a new fort. After Aurangzeb's death in 1707, Afgan clans, known as Rohillas, consolidated their positions in the area and then after the region became known as Rohilkhand. In 1774 the region fell into the hands of the nawab of Awad.

Later the area was ceded to the East India Company and Bareilly became the headquarters of the district. Administrative buildings were built in the southern suburb of the town and in 1811 Bareilly Cantonment was established. During the mutiny of sepoys in 1857 Khan Bahadur Khan Rohilla formed his own government in Rohilkhand. One year later the rebellion failed and the town was recaptured by the British Army. During the British Rule railways were constructed to link the city to Delhi and Lucknow. Before WW II various factories were established in Bareilly and the city's economic growth continued at a high rate after independence.

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Bareilly City is equidistant from the state capital Lucknow & National Capital Delhi.

By plane

Indira Gandhi International Airport, IATA: DEL IGI in Delhi is about 250 km to the west.

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Six railway stations serve the city. The main station is   Bareilly Junction lying on the Delhi-Kolkata line. It's a huge and busy station with regular trains from other major cities of the country.

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Bareilly has regular buses from Agra, Delhi Jaipur Lucknow, Mathura, and Varanasi.   Roadways Bus Stand is the terminus for the State owned buses.

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Nepal - The   Banbasa-Mahendrenagar border crossing in the extreme west of Nepal, is the one closest to Bareilly (about 115 km.)

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