Banjul is the second largest city in and capital of Gambia. The city is on an island, which has constrained its size - population is only 40,000. Consequently much of the population now is based on the mainland between the airport and the city. The main tourist and business centres are around Bakau, Fajara, Kotu and Serrekunda.

Banjul has become very popular as a package holiday destination with British and other European visitors. Travel company 'The Gambia Experience' has been the market leader, but other operators are increasing their offerings too.

Goats on the beach

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Banjul International Airport also known as Yundum International (IATA: BJL) is the international airport of Banjul. There are many direct flights to Banjul from some parts of Europe and Africa. Direct flights to Conakry, Dakar, Freetown, Amsterdam, Lagos, Brussels, Bissau, London, Accra, Abidjan, Madrid, Barcelona etc. For the intrepid tourist, the Plymouth - Banjul Challenge ends here as well.

Green Taxis are available at the airport, with a table that lists prices to various destinations. 500-700GMD to hotels in Serekunda.

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Most hotels will have a selection of green tourist taxis, which have fixed prices to the most popular destinations. Yellow taxis are cheaper and more fun; locals buy a seat in a taxi on a journey from junction to junction for a few dalasi, or pay for a "town trip" to their destination. Minibuses and trucks are colourful, but extremely uncomfortable. Bicycles are also available for rental. Cycling is popular for young locals, but there is little respect for the safety of cyclists on or near the roads. Car hire is available from Avis and AB, both of which are based at the SeneGambia Hotel. Car hire will cost about 1500 Dalasi/day for a small car. Gambians drive mostly on the right. The rules of the road are complex, licences are not common, and there is no test. The majority of roads are sand in the winter, and mud or waterholes for most of the year.


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The city has two cathedrals and several major mosques.


Go to its wonderful beaches.



Being on the Atlantic ocean, Banjul has some excellent and well priced seafood on offer. The locally produced peanuts are also very good and go well with a pint of Julbrew.



There are many good restaurants in the road leading to the hotels at Kololi beach. This road is also known as the Senegambia Strip.




Kololi Beach area


Banjul City Centre

Kololi Beach area


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