Banfora is a city in Burkina Faso


Banfora Cascades

Banfora is greener than Bobo – and of course is home to the famous Banfora Cascades (actually about 10 km away from the city itself – but easily accessible by bike). Banfora has more Faux Types than Bobo – and you get more unsolicited attention.

French and Jula are spoken. Lots of sugar cane fields line the route as you come in from Bobo (a main crop down there).

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STMB and Rakieta, Sogebaf, and assorted taxi brousses all roll the Bobo Banfora route. Rakieta comes recommended above all others. Air-conditioned between Bobo and Ouagadougou (1500F Banfora-Bobo, 7000F Banfora-Ouaga as of April 2009)


A rich selection of vegetables on Banfora's market





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