Baltimore/Southeast Baltimore

A surprising pagoda in Patterson Park

Southeast Baltimore, fittingly, covers the areas in the southeast of Baltimore, ranging from industrial wastelands to charming neighborhoods both quiet and hip.

Get in

Southeast Baltimore is not served by either the metro or light rail lines of the MTA. You'll have to walk, use the MTA buses, or drive.

By foot

Assuming you're walking through Southeast Baltimore from the Inner Harbor, Canton is about a thirty to forty minute walk, and Greektown will take at least an hour.

By bus

The MTA serves the Southeast Baltimore region from Inner Harbor and Downtown via routes #7, #10, #11 and #20.

If you are arriving to Baltimore by bus services such as Greyhound or the so-called Chinatown buses from Philadelphia and Washington D.C., they may drop off or pick up passengers at the Baltimore Travel Plaza, located near where O'Donnell St crosses the I-95. From there, MTA bus #20 will take visitors Downtown.

By car

Car may be the most convenient way of getting to Southeast Baltimore if you have access to one. If you're traveling to Baltimore from elsewhere on the Atlantic coast by way of Interstate 95 (I-95), you will pass through Southeast Baltimore. The highway passes through Greektown and just outside the eastern edge of the Canton neighborhood.

By water taxi

For a unique and scenic way of getting there from the Inner Harbor, the water taxi can drop you off at several locations along the Fell Point or Canton waterfronts.







While O'Donnell (Canton) square has the highest concentration of eateries in the area, the culinary selection is by no means limited to it. Around dinner time one can easily wander aimlessly anywhere between Patterson Park Boulevard to the West and Highland Avenue to the East and find a nice place to get some food. Below is a short listing the more popular restaurants.

Outside the Square



By far the best place to go out for some drinking and dancing in the area, Canton is a treasure trove for those who like to bar crawl. While the hottest nightlife and subsequently younger crowd is centered around O'Donnell (Canton) Square, those looking for something a bit more local and low key can find numerous other drinking establishments in the surrounding area.

O'Donnell Square

Patterson Perk, 2501 Eastern Ave. Coffee shop across from Patterson Park.



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