Balıkesir is a city in interior Southern Marmara, Turkey.

Get in

By plane

Nearest airport is Edremit Körfez Airport (IATA: EDO) located near Edremit, about 90-100 km west.

By train

Balıkesir lies on the junction of railroads stretching to north (Marmara coast) and to east (Central Anatolia) from Izmir. And as such, trains to Balıkesir are available from:

For more info, see Turkish State Railways (TCDD) webpage .

The station is located at Republic Square (Cumhuriyet Meydanı) on the eastern edge of downtown. Across the highway from the station is the old bus terminal, Eski Garaj.

By bus

Balıkesir lies on the main route that the buses between Istanbul and Izmir take, so has a very high frequency of buses (several every hour) from those two major centres.

Buses arriving from destinations around Turkey come into a new bus terminal (Otogar) on Bandirma Caddesi (the old highway to Bursa and Istanbul), just inside the ringroad (Çevre Yolu) at the extreme northern end of the city. Just outside the terminal building is a bus stop where buses (1.35 TL) go every half hour or so into the city. To get to the sites listed on this page, take the bus to its terminal (about 15-20 min), the old bus terminal (Eski Garaj) at Republic Square (Cumhuriyet Meydanı).

By boat

Although Balıkesir is an inland city away from the sea, you can take fast ferries from Istanbul to Bandirma and then take the train or the bus for the rest.

By car

Balıkesir lies on the main highway between Istanbul and Izmir (D565), with connections to D200/E90, which leads to Bursa in the east, and Çanakkale in the west.

Get around

After the Otogar was moved out to the edge of town, the old bus terminal (Eski Garaj) was converted into a central station for all public transit in the city, including taxi dolmuş lines. All bus stops at Eski Garaj are clearly marked with their destination identified by district (... Mahallesi) and the streets on which the bus travels. All but two buses and all dolmuş cost 1.35 TL between any point on their route and Eski Garaj.

There are also two free bus routes that run in a circle around the city center from Eski Garaj. The R1 route is most useful for tourists as it passes literally every tourist site in the center, including stops right in front of or across from, Yildirim Mosque, Zağnos Paşa Mosque, and the Military Museum/Clock Tower.

The city center is also quite walkable. From Cumhuriyet Meydanı, all tourist sites are within 500 m of the square with a stroll up Milli Kuvvetler Caddesi (the street running off the Square without a sign pointing toward another city such as Edremit or Izmir) being the most direct route to Zağnos Paşa Mosque.





Telephone code of the city is (+90) 266.

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As the capital of one of few Turkish provinces which has a coastline on two seas, Balıkesir is around 50 km away from the seaside resort towns on both Southern Marmara and Northern Aegean coasts, such as Erdek, Ayvalık, and Akçay. Two of Turkey's largest cities, the former Ottoman capital of Bursa, and Izmir, "the pearl of the Aegean", lies a little further away to east and south, respectively.

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