Bajgiran is an Iranian village located at one of three border points between Iran and Turkmenistan. It is located 75 km from Quchan (Iran) and about 40 km from Ashgabat, capital of Turkmenistan.

Get in

No public transportation gets to Bajgiran.

The best solution should be to rent a taxi from Quchan (about 30 000 rials per person).


Some old mud-houses. The landscape is wonderful, but pay attention to the fact that the small road going into the mountains can cross the border with Turkmenistan without any warning.


Post office, bank, some small shops, where you can change Iranian rials into Turkmen manats, at a correct rate.


The only option seems to be the restaurant in the hotel left when you enter the city. 50 000 rials for the day meal, including drink.

Some food in the small shops, more expensive than in the rest of Iran.


Bajgiran is only a small village, and it seems there are only two places to sleep in.

There is another hotel, with much more simple rooms (shared toilets outside!), 500m further on the road, at the middle of the village.


No Internet café in Bajgiran. Cell phones can be used with no problem.

Go next

To Quchan

Take a taxi going down from the border. Bargain the price!

To Mashhad

Take a taxi to Quchan. From here, buses leave every two hours (8,000 rials) to Mashhad.

To Turkmenistan

As no public transportation goes across the Turkmen border, to get to Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, the following option is the most convenient:

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