Baihe is a city in Jilin Province.

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see Changbaishan National Nature Reserve‎



The Yanleyuan Restaurant, opposite the train station, has good food, serves local specialities such as mushrooms and rare fungus, and the restaurant-owner is the man to see for arranging any activities within the local area.



An alternative is to ask around the little family restaurants by the station. Many of them have rooms where you can stay for as little as ¥10 per person. The restaurant owners would appreciate it if you keep a low profile, as the PSB disapproves of foreigners using this option. .


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The train is the best way to leave the Changbaishan region, although there is supposedly a bus that leaves every morning at 6.30AM for Jilin (7hr; ¥41) and then on to Changchun (12hr; ¥49).

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