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Bahia is a state in Brazil's Northeast region.



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Karst landscape in the Chapada Diamantina


When the Portuguese first arrived in Brazil (April 22nd 1500) they landed on the soil today known as Bahia. In Portuguese (Brazil's Official Language) the word "bay" is translated "baia". Salvador, Bahia's capital, was founded by Portuguese explorers in 1549. The city lays on a peninsula located in between "All Saints Bay" and the Atlantic Ocean. Every time people talked about Salvador, they referred to it as, "the province with the bay in it". Later on, the province would be officially named "The Province of Bahia" (the province of the bay). The spelling of the word "bay" (baia) was changed in order to make the province's name unique. Salvador-Bahia became Brazil's first capital back when the country was one of Portugal's colonies, and remained like that for 214 years (until it was transferred to Rio, and finally to Brasilia).


Bahians, like all Brazilians, speak Portuguese. The accent, however, is different from that of other regions of the country. Today due to tourism expansion there are some people who speak English in touristic areas and hotels, but since it is not widely spoken, if you do not speak Portuguese you would be wise to bring a small travel dictionary.

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Coach services are comfortable and cheap. Very useful to get around the state. It is sometimes ill-advised to travel at night. Highway robberies are possible. Inquire before travel.

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From Salvador airport there are connections throughout the state


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