Babakale is a village in Turkish region of Northern Aegean.


Babakale sits on a cape that is exactly the westernmost point of mainland Asia, the Cape Baba (Baba Burnu), which lies on the 26° 03' 50" E, i.e. at about the same longitude with Helsinki, and Bucharest.

Local story has it that the village was founded by prisoners who were pardoned in return for working at the construction of the citadel of the village, and later joined in by seamen, and their families.

Most of the travellers who make it to Babakale visit it as a day-trip on their route along the Troad coast.

Get in

Some detailed maps also show a dirt road from Assos in the east direct to Babakale, but according to locals that road is not in a condition to be useful.

Get around

This is a village, where you can walk from one end to the other in approximately 510 minutes.



There are a few fish restaurants in the village.



Though Babakale is mainly visited as a day-trip from nearby destinations, it is possible to overnight in one of a couple of hotels in the village.

Stay safe

Located just opposite the Greek island of Lesvos, thus on the border of Europe, there is an illegal (and possible dangerous for witnesses) immigration activity at the outskirts of the village according to locals. Therefore don't stray or wild camp too far from the village, especially not on the coast the dirt road following the coast east to Assos is reported to be where this activity is concentrated most. However, visiting the village itself and the tarmac road leading to it is perfectly safe with not even the slightest concern.

If wild camping, wild boars in the area may pose a (minimal) danger. If awake and out of your tent, standing up on your feet seems to be enough to make them disperse and run away from you.


The telephone code of the village is (+90) 286.

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