Baalbek بَعلبَك is one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in Lebanon and one of the country's UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Baalbeck or 'Heliopolis' as it was known is the site of great ancient temples built by the Phoenicians, the Romans, and other civilisations that have conquered the region and enjoyed the fertile soil of the Bekaa Valley. Some of the most celebrated temples are the ones of Bacchus, the Greek god of wine, and Jupiter, the Roman god of light, of the sky and weather.

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By bus

Buses to Baalbek from Beirut leave the Cola intersection frequently and cost LL5,000. During the summer season daily tours are available from Beirut to Baalbeck from most major hotels; tour operator Nakhal has a guided coach tour several days a week for USD$70. The trip takes about two hours each way.

It is possible to travel from Homs in Syria to Baalbek by bus. Buses leave from the Karnak or Luxury coach stations in Homs and cross into Lebanon at al-Qa'a, arriving soon thereafter at Baalbek. Cost is about USD$10.


Temple of Bacchus

Visiting in the ruins of Baalbeck cost 12 000 L.L.




Do not buy antiquities here, as they are most likely fake. This is the center of the fake coin industry. Insist on a certificate of authenticity, and pay by credit card and keep your receipt. At least then you can charge back the dealer when you learn you have been deceived.

You will probably also be touted some yellow Hezbullah T-shirts while you are at Baalbeck, as it is the birthplace of that party. If you choose to buy one beware: these T-shirts will self-destruct in the laundry, losing all of their green ink in the wash. That aside, they are an interesting souvenir. They should only cost 1000 LL, not the 15,000 LL you will be touted.



Oriental pastries are offered by Patisserie Jawhari, there you can find traditional sweet food from Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. The most famous sweet called " Namoura bel Ashta" which stands for Namoura with cream. This cream is extracted from fresh boiling milk. More pastries are found including the famous Knefe and Beqlawa.


Evey summer there are outdoor shesha bars, they also serve food, drinks, desserts.

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