Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park is in Bắc Kạn Province, Northern Vietnam.

Both spring and winter are the best times to visit Ba Be Lake. The weather is pleasant come August and September but it's by far the most crowded season for the park. Ba Be Lake is in the centre of Ba Be National Park, where visitors are attracted not only by the natural beauty but also by diversity of culture.


The legend of Ba Be lake

Once upon a time, Nam Mau Commune, every year the villagers Model Year are celebrated with great offerings to the Buddha. One day, an old woman beggar came to the village. Wherever she went, she always said: "I'm hungry. Please extend your mercy." But nobody gave anything to her even they was be scared off and fled away. Fortunately, there was a widow and her son who were not disgusted the ragged and tattered beggar, and let her into the house to eat and sleep. At midnight, the mother was suddenly started awake by the snore of the beggar. As soon as she opened her eyes, she was petrified by a major dragon sleeping, not an old poor woman. The mother shivered but did not dare to cry, fearing that the dragon could swallow her and her son. At the crack of the dawn, the mother did not see the dragon in the house, instead; the beggar woke up and ready to go. When saying goodbye to the widow and his son, the beggar gave the mother a package of ash and said:" Vicious people should be severely penalized, but i'll help you - kind people. Sprinkle the ash around the house tonight. If you want to go out, climb to the high mountain." After that, the old woman picked some paddies from her pocket and said: "Bite the paddies to take out the rice. Rice helps to protect you from starving, and husk helps save your lives." Having said this, the old woman disappear. Doubtfully, they told their strange story to the villager, but nobody believed them. That night, in the middle of the celebration, water spouted from the ground.In just minutes, everything was flooded in water. Magically, only the house of the widow and her son was affected. Remembering the advice of the beggar, the woman dropped the husk into the water, and the husk suddenly became a dinghy. The were sailing to rescue the villagers, so nobody died. The place the water spouted from the ground is now called Ba Ba Lake.

Get in

Private car The private cars and vans 4,7,16,29,and 45 seats are possible for rent. If you want to reach there by this way, you can contact with Ba Be Tourism Centre

From Ha Noi

Local busues to Ba Be National Park My Dinh station (10am)- Cho Don town (4pm)- Bo Lu village (5pm) About 8:30 am: You can get a taxi or a motorbike taxi from Hanoi Old Quarter to My Dinh Station which is about 15km. 09:30 am: Looking for a local bus to Cho Don town of Thuong Nga company at gate 33. This is unique one that will take you direct all the way to Cho Don via Thai Nguyen city and is a red one with number plate 29B11637, leaving about 10:00 am. The staffs on the bus will collect you monies one time before stop at Cho Don. Another mini Van of this company also will be accountability take you to Ba Ba Lake- shore. It costed about $15.

Get around

A good graphical sketched map of the national park can be found on the official website.



Trekking in the natural world of Ba Be National Park is the best way to really get to know a country region, because you are walking on trails that locals have traveled for years, to go to market, terraced fields, to breed their livestock and to visit their relatives. Only in this way can you gain an insight into the lives of these resilient resourceful villagers. With this new trail, you will travel through more remote areas of the Ba Be National Park, experience true jungle, sublime mountain views and idyllic villages of the Tay, the Dao and the Hmong Flower people. You really do go to places that others can't reach because it is a new attraction in the Northeast of Vietnam. So less touristy nd more authentic experience.


Kayaking on Ba Be lake is the best way to explore the breathtaking beauty of Ba Be lake. Paddle through islets; visit hidden caves, fishing villages...Kayaks go where other big boats (machine boat) cannot. Ba Be lake kayaking can take you to the best places in Ba Be.


Northern Vietnam and its central loop adventure is a great chance to experience first-hand, the local ethnic minorities and the wonderful hospitable atmosphere. The central north is more remote, but its with many weekly markets it offers a real chance to explore the culture and places all around this eye- catching area. It has stunning and splendid natural scenery and many cultural attraction, there are also many colorfully dressed ethnic people with their different traditions.



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By bus to Hanoi.

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