Augsburg is a lovely city of about 267,000 people in the German Bundesland (Federal State) of Bavaria (German: Bayern).

St. Peter and Rathaus (City Hall)
Oldest secular Renaissance building north of the Alps

Get in

By plane

Augsburg is most easily reached via train from Munich Airport or Stuttgart airport or bus from Memmingen Airport.

By train from Munich

If you arrive in Munich at the airport then you will need to take the S-Bahn S1 or S8 to the Hauptbahnhof (main train station), a 45 min ride, before you can catch a train bound for Augsburg. At least once per hour a Regional Bahn train leaves from Munich's Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) towards Augsburg. The ride last about 50 min. Plan at least 2 h in total from Munich Airport to Augsburg (as you can see taking a bus or private transfer will be much faster). It is best to purchase a Bayern-Ticket (Bavaria Ticket) from one of the ticket machines located in the train station. A Bayern-Ticket allows one (along with up to four other friends) to travel within Bavaria using all regional trains (no InterCity Express) and city transportations (trams, buses, etc.) from the time of purchase until 3AM the following day. The Bayern-Ticket costs €23 for one person, €26 for two people, and €38 for 5 people. Regional trains between Augsburg and Munich always have ,,Fugger Express" written on them, this is important for finding the right ones. They usually continue in the direction of Ulm or Donauwörth after Augsburg Central Station. So make sure to get out as soon as you see "Augsburg Hauptbahnhof" as the next station. These regional trains usually run twice every hour.

For fans of scenic trains going to Augsburg from Munich, it is recommended to take Munich`s S4 to the end station - Geltendorf. From here, you can get the BRB to Augsburg Central Station, with very nice landscapes between Geltendorf and Mering. But note, that this train (Geltendorf-Augsburg) usually only runs once per hour and this takes longer than directly going from Munich. So you might have to spend time in Geltendorf, which is really a small village with not much to do. At least, there is an Ihle bakery next to the train station and you can for a walk to the Sankt Ottilien monastery. Here, you get a feeling how Bavaria is very far away from usual tourist routes. On a nice day though, it`s absolutely worth doing this trip. Of course, both trains here can also be used with Bayernticket. Parts of the S-train between Buchenau and Geltendorf go right through the forest, so they can be scenic too.

Of course, Augsburg is also connected to Germany`s efficient train system, most high-speed trains from Munich going to other cities like Dortmund, Cologne, Karlsruhe, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Berlin stop here. So you can easily travel to basically any place in Germany. For general information, see here:

In the Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof), you can ask for information and book travels at the "Reisezentrum" next to the coffee fellows café.

By car

About 80 Km from Munich and 160Km from Stuttgart just south of the A8.

Get around

Augsburg has a small but efficient transportation system with four main Tram (German: Straßenbahn) lines and several buslines which cover the whole urban and suburban areas. These lines run Monday through Sunday from around 5AM to 11:30PM On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, a night bus runs from midnight to 3AM

If you purchase a Bayern-Ticket (Bavaria Ticket), you will be covered during your stay in Augsburg and will not be required to purchase additional tickets for using the Augsburg transportation system. However, if you did not purchase a Bayern-Ticket then you must purchase a ticket and stamp it each time you enter a streetcar or bus. Riding without a ticket (German: schwarzfahren, "black driving") will get you a €40 fee and a visit with the police.

You can also buy a 24 h ticket, a single ticket for €5.80, or a family ticket for €7.40.

You can see a plan of the AVV lines here:

The Bayern Ticket is only valid after 9AM (Weekdays) to the airport from Augsburg Hbf if you are traveling to the airport. Also, if traveling from Munich Airport to Augsburg, it may be possible to use a Bayern-Ticket Nacht (Bavaria Night Ticket), is valid Monday to Thursday from 6PM to 6AM the next day, Monday and Friday, from 6PM until 7AM if you book online for €22 - 38, at the ticket machine or at the Reisezentrum (Travel Centre) for €24 - €40.

With AVV tickets, you can also use every REGIONAL train in the Augsburg region (only inside of course, you can`t go to Munich or Ulm with AVV). The BRB rail network operated from Augsburg Hbf is also a bit like a Suburban train connecting suburbs and even more villages to Augsburg`s center. A suburban train system (S-Bahn, just like in many other German cities) is planned to follow the BRB and regional routes.

Since Augsburg's topography is not that easy to get, but actually everything is quite near together, it is a great idea to explore this little city by bike. That way you'll have a little more time to get lost and then find out where you are again, instead of waiting for buses or walking around.

Bikes can be rented on several bus stations from the "Stadtwerke", and at some bike stores in Augsburg: Zweirad Bäuml, Jakoberstr. 70, Augsburg; UNI - RAD, Salomon-Idler-Str. 26, 86159 Augsburg; GEPE Sportgeräteverleih UG, Reisingerstr. 27, 86159 Augsburg


closed to the public. (April 2013)



Augsburg is a lively University town, a city for business and recreation. Enjoy the benefits like traditional pubs, theatre, museums and lots of shopping facilities. You find many shops in the pedestrian zone, but don´t miss to go downhill to the "Altstadt" with its fancy shops! There is also a mall called "City Galerie", common brands, big stores, but in the weekend it is a noisy place. Regarding souvenirs go to the Rathausplatz, find Augsburg-umbrellas and Brecht-T-shirts. The local brewery Thorbräu sells giftboxes with 6 different types of beer!


Augsburg is famous for its plum cake called Zwetschgendatschi.





A good part of Augsburg's night life takes place in Maximilianstraße and the historic district right beneath the Maximilianstraße. There is great diversity in the type of clubs/bars, ranging from disco to student bars. It is a great idea to go see more than one place and find out which is the most comforting to you. Luckily, in generally, Augsburg`s night life is a lot cheaper than in Munich or other big cities.

Elfer Called ,,Eleven", if there is a football ( soccer ) game going on in Germany and you want to see it with locals in a typical German sports bar, this is THE place in Augsburg to go: Coming from Moritzplatz, you go down a Maxstraße and then turn left into Wintergasse. Elfer is on the right side. (On the other side, there is the Römisches Museum). It can get very crowded here so if you like sitting you better show up early (at least 30 minutes before the game).

Living-room atmosphere with retro mis-matched chairs and sofas salvaged from somewhere. Red walls and wallpaper. Nice music, good drinks. On the opposite side of the street is the disco & club Schwarzes Schaf.

Liquid This club is very popular amongst students. It is located very central at Maxstrasse, walk down from Moritzplatz - it is on the left side.

Rockfabrik Huge club, very popular amongst the youth. Many of them even come from Munich or Ulm just to go to this club. Unfortunately this also means they already drank a lot a beer in the regional trains, so there are many drunk people here that might cause some trouble. But the club itself is nice: It plays rock music and has several dancefloors and bars. A bit outside of the center, take tram 64 (from Königsplatz/Moritzplatz) direction ,,Augsburg Nord", get off ,,Bärenwirt" and walk right over the bridge. A very funny fact is that this once was a Rockfabrik (English: skirt factory), and now it is a Rockfabrik (meaning: rock music factory).

Kantine Just like Rockfabrik, this club has a historical background: The whole area here is an old US casern from the occupation times. Here many concerts from different music genres take place, as well as partys every weekend. It`s even further from the center than Rockfabrik, but you can get here with bus 35 direction ,,Pfersee Süd", get off at ,,Kulturpark West". You can first go to ,,Oberhausen Bahnhof" with the regional train or the tram and then get into bus 35, because bus 35 is some kind of a circle bus around the city center.

Beer gardens: In Augsburg there are several beer gardens, and although they are smaller and may lack some facilities like a children's playground, what is written in the Munich travel guide about beer gardens also applies to Augsburg's beer gardens (Link to Beer gardens and beer halls in Munich travelguide). The Riegele beer garden is a good place to go to in Augsburg: it is located close to the central train station and right next to the Riegele brewery.

Gay scene: Augsburg has a fairly small gay scene, but there is one gay bar in particular, the Fegefeuer, which is about 5-10 minutes by foot from the city hall/Maximilianstraße (Ludwigstr. 34, 86152 Augsburg)



Augsburg has some cheap places to stay. One is the Jugendherberge the other is a private hostel



Stay Safe

Augsburg is a very safe city, maybe nearly as safe as Munich. Virtually all crimes are domestic violence, drug abuse or drunk people getting in a fight at a bar, so no dangers for tourists, except if you get drunk and then get into a fight. There is a drug scene in Augsburg, which has been a little more spread over the city after the police wiped them out of the Königsplatz. However, if you are not behaving very stupid (showing off as a tourist & having an easy pickable wallet or alike), you will not be bothered. Augsburg also tends to be pretty safe at night. Don't be afraid of using the small and poorly lighted streets in the historic district, since this is one of the best areas in the city!

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