Atalaya (town, Ucayali)

Atalaya, Ucayali, Perú

Atalaya is in the Peruvian Amazon.


Atalaya is a town in the Ucayali Region of Peru. Atalaya is 220 meters above sea level with temperatures ranging from 18°C to 37°C. The rainy season is between December and March. It is the capital of the Atalaya Province and the Raymondi District. Its sometimes referred to as Villa Atalaya or Puerto Atalaya. It is also known as La Esmeralda del Ucayali (The Emerald of Ucayali). Atalaya is on Rio Tambo about 1km before the confluence of Rio Tambo and Rio Urubamba which form Rio Ucayali.

Get in

By plane

By boat

From Pucallpa the trip takes 3 to 6 days depending on conditions.

Puerto Ocopa is around 35km past Satipo and its possible to take a boat from Puerto Ocopa downstream on Rio Tambo, this is particularly useful in the wet season when the road can become impassable.

The slow boat (lancha) to Pucallpa leaves Monday mornings around 8AM, 90 Soles. This info is from 11.2013.

By road

Bus or taxi from Satipo.

Bus from Lima to Puerto Ocopa (Lima - La Oroya - Tarma - La Merced - Satipo - Puerto Ocopa) - 12 hours, then by boat from Puerto Ocopa to Atalaya (5 hours).

From Lima you would probably be best to take a bus or train to Huancayo first or a bus from Lima to Tarma or La Merced then onwards to Satipo.



An interesting activity is to navigate the river. This city is located at the confluence of two rivers. One coming from the highlands and is cold and brown, and the other is from the jungle and is green and warm. The waters don't mix and for miles you can see one river with two colors and temperatures.

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