Ashrafieh is in Beirut, it is one of Beirut's oldest and most charming districts and is considered an important tourist outlet in Beirut where a great number of restaurants, coffee shops and nightclubs are located. This, in addition to its important commercial venue, its luxurious apartment buildings combined with renovated traditional houses, makes of Ashrafieh an ideal place for shopping and touring within the city.

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Ashrafieh lies directly on the East of Downtown Beirut. Best option is walking if visiting the closer areas such as Monot Street or Gemmayze. If visiting the areas further away then hailing a taxi is another quick (and cheap) option.


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Ashrafieh has a sense of old-style charm, evident from its old architecture and mature neighborhood. Eating in Ashrafieh will certainly be more expensive than the other districts, but if elegance and charm is what you're after, you'll love it. Below is a selection of the best places to eat:






Drinking venues are found throughout in Ashrafieh, but the areas where the nightlife are concentrated in are Gemmayze and Monot Street. Clubs in Beirut normally close at around 5:30AM, although with a few exceptions, most clubs will be empty by 4AM. After clubbing, some Lebanese will go on to having breakfast at one of the handful of 24-hour snacks and cafes. Few nightclubs have an actual dancefloor; most people dance around the table they have reserved for the night.

Monot Street

Monot Street is widely considered as the clubbing street in Beirut, although there are also many pubs. Once dominant, it has seen it's status drop due to the emergence of Gemmayze as a nightlife district and the dominance of open-air clubs during the summer time in other parts of the city. Most clubs play a variety of music. Monot street is quite narrow, and mind wrecking to drive through, particularly at night when the clubs are open. Parking is nearly impossible any time of the day, so going by car should be considered only if necessary. Despite the driving nuisances of Monot, locals still prefer to drive. Monot street borders Downtown Beirut's south east corner, making it a very short walk (or taxi ride) from the city center, although few people will actually walk.


Gemmayze is Beirut's artistic bohemian quarter, an old district full of narrow streets and beautiful historic buildings from the French era. It is well known for its trendy bars and pubs, cafes, restaurants and lounges; there are few or no nightclubs. Most are located on the main thoroughfare that cuts through the middle of the district, Rue. Gouraud (or Gouraud street). Similarly to Monot street, this area is old and historic, and was designed well before the invention of automobiles, so going by car through its narrow streets requires a lot of patience. There are complaints however, of foreigners buying up and renovating properties, leading to gentrification and pricing out many locals from living there. Some places have run into trouble due to noise complaints from locals. Still, they are is still charming and worth a visit, whether during the day or at night. Gemmayze borders Downtown Beirut's East side, and it too is a very short walk from the city center. Walking would be the best option, (being dropped off by a taxi at the entrance of the street, and walking the rest, is another option). url:".

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