Arad (Romania)

Arad, the capital and base of Arad County, is situated in the western extremity of Transylvania. The city could be considered as a tourist stopover if you are coming to Romania from Hungary, or leaving the country. But not as a base as it lacks the same interest as other Transylvanian cities. Arad is one of the most prosperous cities in Romania, with a high income per capita.


Arad, a beautiful city situated in the western Romania on the banks of the river Mures, is only 30 km away from the Hungarian border. Before 1918 the city belonged to Austria-Hungary, which left a mark on its architecture and life style. Arad's city hall is a beautiful building which has to its right and left another two old palaces dating 2 centuries back. The "Cenad Palace" is one of the buildings old enough to justify the beauty of architectural times it was built in. The town has approximately 200.000 inhabitants, three quarters being Romanians and the rest is represented by Hungarians, Germans, Italians, Serbs and other minorities in smaller percentages.

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Access to Arad by car is from the Pan-European corridor no.4 [E68]. Buses can be taken from Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Bucharest, Sibiu and Constanta City.

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Buses and trams run through the town with several stops. Taxis are available. There are also "Rent a car" companies, one having a commercial with contact details just across the street of the Train station.







Subcetate, +40 257-281172.

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