Arad (Israel)

Arad (Hebrew, ערד) is a small city in Israel that lies on the border between the Negev desert and the Judean Desert. It is also the name commonly given to Tel Arad, the site of the ancient city of Arad some 10 km east of the modern city centre. Arad is a great centre for hiking and exploring the desert regions of Israel south of the capital Jerusalem.


Arad is a thriving modern town, founded only in 1962 by a group of young Israelis, most of them ex-kibbutzniks and ex-moshavniks who were seeking an environment free of the urban ills of overcrowding, traffic, noise, and pollution. Although not noted for its great beauty, the town's growth has closely followed a well-designed master plan. Arad's present population is approximately 28,000 (2003 estimate) and reflects the broad spectrum of Israeli society with a special emphasis on recent immigrants.


The Artists' Quarter "Eshet Lot", is an exclusive quarter with its own brand of desert atmosphere, combining creativity and artistry is in the heart of the industrial zone, on the road leading down to the Dead Sea. The artists who are all inhabitants of Arad, united together to create a productive community with an enhanced sensitivity towards the environment. Links for some galleries: "Maayan Hayetzira - art gallery", Glass museum - Gideon Friedman.


In the city there are 4 Hotels and a youth Hostel.

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