Antiparos is an island of the Cyclades group.


Antiparos harbour

Antiparos is a small Greek island in the Cyclades group, separated from Paros by a narrow and shallow strait. It has an area of 45 square kilometers with a 57 kilometer coastline. The capital Antiparos is on the north eastern coast, while the other villages Kambos and Agios Georgios are in the mid-west and on the south western coast, respectively. The islands houses just over 1,000 inhabitants.

Antiparos is well recognised for its relaxed, authentic atmosphere. It has many beaches on all sides and offer a nice alternative to the more crowded and hectic islands around it. Like its "parent island" Paros, it is also known for its excellent wind conditions for wind- and kitesurfing. An area on the northern shore is a well known nude beach, though unofficial.


Most of the population of Antiparos, and certainly in the tourist business, speak English fairly well.

Get in

By sea

There are two ferries from Paros:

There are several ferries to get you as far as Paros, notably from Athens and Santorini.

By plane

The nearest airport is Paros Airport. Olympic Airways and AirSea Lines operate a daily air service from Athens.

Get around

Being a small island, public transport is scarce. There are however several rental shops by the port that offer bicycles, scooters, ATVs and cars. Note that many of the smaller roads are in poor condition and that the ATV is likely to be the best mean of transport, though all companies offer 50CC quads that are not quite powerful enough to pull two adults up the steepest hills.

The town of Antiparos is best explored by foot, and several beaches are within fifteen minutes of walking from the main street.



There are many beautiful beaches and coves to see and enjoy, though the rarest gems are on the far south or west coast of the island, for instance Sostis Bay, Monastiria and Livadi. Mind that some of the roads are very poor, particularly to Monastiria (only suited for ATVs or tough 4x4 cars - not SUVs).

Blue Islands Divers in the main street offer snorkeling and diving trips/classes, as well as wind- and kitesurfing classes.

Alexandros, Captain Ben and Iason are the names of three wooden boats offering trips around the island including refreshments, barbecue and time for bathing/snorkeling. Captain Antonis of the former offers excellent octopus, sea urchin, tzatziki, local sausage and souvlaki, while being generous with his bottle of Ouzo.


There are many tavernas in the main street and along the port of Antiparos, as well as a few hidden gems in the small alleys. The one thing they have in common is good food; it is virtually impossible to go wrong on Antiparos. There are also fairly good taverns on the larger beaches. Prices differ slightly, but the quality is largely very good and the all serve traditional Greek food such as salads, grilled meat and fish.


The entire town of Antiparos comes to life in the summer evenings.


There are several hotels in Antiparos town and along the port, as well as a camping area on the northern coast, a ten minute walk from the main street.

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Move on by boat back to Paros and explore the other islands of the Cyclades

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