Antioquia is a department in the Andino region of Colombia. It is famous for its many coffee plantations. As of 2010 it is advised to stay out of rural areas due to the presence of guerrilla groups like FARC and ELN in northern and nortwestern Antioquia. Landmines are common in the countryside, making much of the area a danger zone. There are also many paramilitary groups operating in this region. Due to the high amounts of violence in the region the Australian Foreign Office advises against travelling to Antioquia. This travel warning was issued in December of 2010

El Poblado neighborhood in Medellín


Jardín: A typical small town in Antioquia


Sleeping Giant mountain and Cauca River in Tarso, Antioquia

Get in

There are 6 operational airports with daily commercial flights in Antioquia.

International Airport

National Airports

Regional Airports All located in the North of the department, area with heavy gold mining. Flights originate mostly from Olaya Herrera Airport in Medellín.

Get around

In Medellín you can get around by taxi bus or metro. The metro runs largely along the north-south axis of the city.

By cable car

Antioquia is mountainous hence Cable Cars have sprawled in the last 2 decades and are becoming popular for both commuting and tourist transportation. You can ride the Metrocables in Medellín which are additional lines of the Metro system or the countryside cable-cars in many small towns in Antioquia : Jardín, Jericó, Sopetrán, San Andrés de Cuerquia, etc.


Mountains: The Andes are majestic in Antioquia



Floats during the Holy Week - displaying Christ and his mother

The Holy Week in many towns of Antioquia is colorful and passionate.


Bandeja Paisa

Stay safe

Act as you would in any large, and potentially unsafe metropolitan area such as Chicago or São Paulo.

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