Ansan (안산) is a city in Gyeonggi, South Korea and is situated on the coast of the Yellow Sea (locally called West Sea). Portions of various Yellow Sea islands lie within its jurisdiction. The largest and best-known of these is Daebu Island. Located at the south of the city are Daebudo and Pungdo. Kwonsun, Gunpo, and Anyang are located in the east of Ansan. The Yellow Sea to the west, Hwaseong to the south, and Siheung to the north are other boundaries.


Sangnok-gu (상록구)
Located in eastern Ansan. It has a gentle slope and a large population living in high density apartment blocks.
Danwon-gu (단원구)
Located in western Ansan.


Ansan River (Ansancheon) in Hosu Park

Ansan is a mid-sized city located on the outskirts of Seoul. It is well integrated with Seoul's transport system, and generally speaking can be considered as a suburb. The city was planned by Park Chung-hee in 1970 and is an important industrial center.

Ansan has one of Korea's largest immigrant communities. The percentage of multi-cultural families here is the highest in South Korea, although it is less known than Itaewon among English-speaking foreigners, as most immigrants here are Chinese and other Asian blue collar workers.


Ansan's climate is very similar to that of nearby Seoul and Suwon.The following table is Suwon's climate. Compared to Incheon or Seoul, Suwon is relatively hotter and colder. It features continental climate.

 Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) 2.1 5.0 10.6 17.9 23.0 26.8 28.8 29.8 25.9 20.0 12.0 5.0
Nightly lows (°C) -7.4 -5.0 0.0 5.9 12.0 17.4 21.7 22.1 16.4 8.8 1.8 -4.4
Precipitation (mm) 22.4 24.2 47.9 61.3 97.8 129.2 351.1 299.8 153.9 53.1 49.7 21.8

Korea Meteorological Administration


Get in

Cities nearby include Gunpo and Uiwang to the east, Hwaseong to the south, and Shiheung to the north. Approximate travel times from other locations are as follows:

By subway

Ansan is located on Subway Line 4. Travel times to the center of Ansan (Jungang station):

Ansan is served by the following eight subway stations (all on Line 4), listed from the closest to Seoul: Banwol, Sangnoksu, Hanyang University at Ansan, Jungang, Gojan, Choji, Ansan, Singil Oncheon.

A new line, Suin Line, is planned to open in December 2017 with the Hanyang University at Ansan station as a terminus for a line connecting Ansan to Suwon.

By bus

Ansan bus terminal

Get around

By bicycle

Pedalro station

Hiring a bicycle is a good way to get around this city. You can use public bicycles, named 'Pedalro' in Ansan city. There are many bicycle stops and good quality of bicycles around this city. Ansan has comparatively good bike path so you can ride safely. You can apply for a membership or just register a non-membership(1day-pass) for using this bicycles. The fee is 1,000 won for a day(For more information for using Pedalro, visit the website - 안산시 공공자전거). You can ride 24 hours but you have to park the bicycle you are riding at any bicycle stops every 2 hours and borrow it again. There is also Smart Phone application for this, you can find easily where is the nearest bicycle stop from you or how many bicycles are left in the stops.

By City Tour Bus

a bus stop in Ansan

CIty Tour Bus operates 10:00 to 17:00 every Wednesday and Saturday in April to December but it is flexible according to climate. You must have a reservation through telephone or homepage. The telephone number is 031-407-0101 and 031-413-1212. The bus boarding place is located at Exit 2 of Jungang Station on subway line No.4. In regular tour, there are five courses. First course is a tour about Ansan culture and arts. Second course is a tour about multicultural street and traditional market. Third course is about Daebu Haesolgil which means pathway along the Daebu Island. Fourth course is about 'Daebu Bada Hyanggi Theme Park'. Fifth course is about experience art in Daebu. Furthermore, You can make a course freely but it has to participate over thirty people. In experience tour, there are several courses like mud flat experience, salt pond experience and so on. For more information, visit the website - Ansan City Tour Bus.

By taxi

Taxi Stand in Ansan

Regular Taxi

You can take a taxi at taxi stand. Basic fare of regular taxi is around \3,000. The taxi stand is located near bus station.

Call taxi

When you move to another place where is hard to access, you can call a taxi. Basic fare of call taxi is around \3,500.


Historical monuments and structures

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
Ansan Arts Center
Hwarang Recreation Area


A view of Seoul from Ansan


The are several regular festivals in Ansan.

Movie theaters

There are several movie theaters in Ansan. Big multiplex movie theater chains, such as CGV, Lotte Cinema and Megabox, are represented in Ansan and show movies of various genres.

Inside Sangroksu Volleyball Stadium


There is a pro volleyball team named 'OK Saving Bank & Rush and Cash' . The league starts October to March next year. Stadium is located in 422, Yongsin-ro, Sangrok-gu, it is nearby Sangroksu subway station line 4. Volleyball game is famous for Ansan citizen, you can enjoy the game during season. You can buy tickets by online or ticket box on site.


Ansan Wa Stadium
Ansan city hall


Hanyang University ERICA Campus entrance

There are several universities in Ansan, including Hanyang University.


There are many foreign markets in Ansan providing cheap fruit and vegetables, along with various foreign food and merchandise. Lotte Mart is one of Korea's major superstore chains has three branches in Ansan, one of which is located near the bus terminal.


There are many foreign restaurants in Ansan including Indian, Indonesian, Pakistani and others mostly being situated near Ansan station.









There are a bunch of cheap love motels in Ansan. To find these cross the street from the station, go 5 or 6 blocks and veer to your left a street or two. They range from between ₩50,000 to ₩80,000 approx, and most will have large TV's with cable, Internet and PC, and some nicer ones even have baths.

Hotels, in the standard sense, are rare in Ansan and are mostly 'business' hotels serving foreign visitors who visit Ansan's large industrial complex. Hotel 'Hi-Vice' is a basic business hotel and may serve for foreign visitors, with room rates between ₩40-120,000 it is located opposite Jungang Station and also features a wedding hall. There is also an international hotel located close to Sangoksu Station. However, as mentioned above, many motels are on par with 3-4 star hotels and are typically rather cheap.

Guest house is in Hanyang University. However, you need a permission from Hanyang University. Fee of standard room is ₩129,000, twin room, deluxe double and deluxe twin for ₩176,000 and Royal sweet for ₩400,000. They furnished super high speed of Internet, central heating system, individual air condition, available international phone call at anytime and satellite broadcasting that provide variety of internal and external channels.

Guest house in Hanyang University


See Seoul#Connect.

Stay safe

Ansan has higher than average crime levels for South Korea, although it is still very safe by global standards.

Stay healthy


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