Andros is an island in the Cyclades.


Andros is the northernmost of the Cyclades islands. It is second in size after Naxos and is located between Euboia - which it is separated by the Cavo D'Oro (Cape Caphereus) - and Tinos island. It is a mountainous island, blessed with verdant slopes full of citrus and olivetrees, waterfalls, mountain streams and numerous high quality water springs.

According to the Greek mythology the island got it's name from the first settler Andros, a hero of Olympic gods descent. Other names were also used in the course of history: Hydroussa, Nonagria and Lasia, all homage to the rich flora and water springs found on Andros. It was during the Classical Age that Andros showed first signs of flourishing civilization with its capital at the site of present-day Paleopolis. The favored god was Dionysios with a great celebration in his honor where "water was turn to wine" taking place every third year the first ten days of January. In 133 BC Andros is taken by the Roman Empire and in 1270 passes to Venice and sees the construction of forts and towers, the Lower For in Chora being the most important and the Upper Fort in Kohilou. This period sees about 5 centuries of economic growth as it becomes an important centre of silk textile trade industry.

By sea

From the Greek mainland ferries and hydrofoil services run daily from Rafina and Lavrio. (Andros is not directly connected to Piraeus.) Andros is also connected by normal ferry to other islands, such as Mykonos (2 hours and a quarter), Paros (4 hours) and Tinos (1 hour and a half).

Get in

Andros is the closest island to Athens, which makes it ideal for holidays, weekeds away and daytrips.

By sea

You may travel to Andros island mainly by ferry which connects the Rafina port (5 km from Athens main airport) to the island main port at Gavrio. The distance is 37 nautical miles and the trip time is two hours. There is frequent and convenient every day service including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (except Christmas Day and Eastern Sunday). The ferries are of closed type departing from Rafina in the morning hours between 7AM and 8AM while they return from Andros to Rafina at 3PM to 4PM. During spring and summer there are afternoon trips as well. You may also reach the island by private helicopter which may land either at Gavrio or at Hora. There are private helicopter services at Athens which may be reached for such a trip.

The travel in the island can be done by: - bus services connecting specific villages - taxi services at Gavrio, Batsi, Hora, Korthi - rent car services at Gavrio, Batsi or Hora - rent motor bike or bicycle services at Gavrio, Batsi, Hora

You may also use your own car by transporting it via the ferries.

Useful phone numbers:

- Rafina Port Authority: +30 2294 028888 - Andros Port Authority, +30 2282 022250. - Andros Bus Service +30 2282 022316,

The island is also connected through ferries - Alpha Ferries, Blue Star Ferries, Cyclades Fast Ferries, and catamarans Sea Jets, Hellenic Seaways with Tinos and Mykonos islands. Trip time to Tinos is 01:00 hours and to Mikonos 01:45 hours.


Festivals Numerous religious feasts used to be celebrated in Andros in the past. On villages' patron saint days, there would be a ceremony followed by a "greeting tour" og the village, where participants were welcome into the inhabitants homes and offered everything from sweets to fruit and tsipouro, including a full meal, and celebrations would continue well into the day. Nowadays, these festivities called "panegyria" are mostly organized by local 'cultural societies' and usually take place in the villages' square or in the church patio, where locals and guests meet each other and enjoy. Most notable feasts: 15 August Ammoloxos church(9 km from Gavrion), 23 August Varidi school(13 km from Gavrion),

'Easter Monday Tromarchia (30 km from Gavrion), 27 July on St. Pandeleimon chapel at Katakilos,5th Friday of Lent(acathyst hymn) at the Church of Our Lady Theoskepasti in Chora


Many beautiful, unspoilt beaches await visitors in the northern part of Andros, most notable are Vlihada, Pirgos, Vitali and Zorkos. Lots of Athenian and young people swim and live party moments in Aghios Petros and Psili Ammos beach.

Don't bother if you want to swim nude, there is no nudism in this island

If you are a driver of 4X4 vehicle visiting Ahla or Vori beach on the north-east part would be an excellent choice as well.


Don't miss to try local dairy products such as Volaki and Kopanisti cheese, as well as pork derivatives Louza and Sausage.


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Move on by boat to Tinos and to the other islands of the Cyclades.

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